WagRun™ - Handsfree Bungee Leash
WagRun™ - Handsfree Bungee Leash
WagRun™ - Handsfree Bungee Leash
WagRun™ - Handsfree Bungee Leash
WagRun™ - Handsfree Bungee Leash
WagRun™ - Handsfree Bungee Leash
WagRun™ - Handsfree Bungee Leash
WagRun™ - Handsfree Bungee Leash
WagRun™ - Handsfree Bungee Leash
WagRun™ - Handsfree Bungee Leash
WagRun™ - Handsfree Bungee Leash
WagRun™ - Handsfree Bungee Leash

WagRun™ - Handsfree Bungee Leash

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The Handsfree Bungee Leash has been designed using our Zero Shock technology — a shock-absorbing component that drastically reduces strain and pulls on the dog and the owner. Utilizing Military Grade Webbing and a generously-sized neoprene handle, this leash really is a pleasure to hold in your hand and is perfect for walking and jogging with your dog during the day or night!


  • ZERO SHOCK TECHNOLOGY: Shock reduction improves control and cushions and eases the pressure for both the owner and the dog.
  • Highly Reflective Safty Trim: The highly reflective threads woven into your leash provide you with greater visibility and improved night safety.
  • Padded and Waterproof Handle: Enjoy the comfort and durability of a fully neoprene-lined padded handle that makes any outing comfortable.
  • Keeps Your Dog Safe: When your dog takes off unexpectedly, you won't get a bone-jarring shock. Instead, the bungee effect of the elastic leash will lessen the impact on your arm and back. The leash is perfect for young and energetic dogs.
  • Reduced Fatigue: Run, walk, or hike longer as the bungee works for you to eliminate wasted energy spent fighting to counteract unwanted forces.
  • Maximum Control: A handle is placed close to the buckle of the leash for extra control.
  • Military Grade: Used for training in the Military, therefore, quality is top-notch!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Camilla B. Quinn
Awesome leash

I love this leash. Now my dog can walk me.

I walk my dog and I can play PoGo with both hands. Also, it's easy to pick up doggy doodoo when I'm not trying to hold on to him with the leash in 1 hand. I also like that it's reflective so we're highly visible when we're out walking at night.

Irene R. Atkinson
Works well

I got this for my Mini Schnouzer who gets overly excited to walk and pulls. I used to have to harness her because she would pull and choke herself. For some reason she decided to give up pulling when she is attached to this so she no longer chokes herself. I was always paranoid she would pull the leash from my hands and run into the road and get hit by a car but now that she is safely secured to my waist I don’t have to worry about that. Also she can pretty effortlessly switch which sode she is walking on and doesn't get herself or me tangled in the leash since it just rotates around the waist. Occasionally it need a bit of assistance to do a full rotation but I don’t mind. Also its surprisingly comfortable around my waist.

Brandon C. Inman
Absolutely Fantastic!

My little one, 25 lb basenji mix, is tiny but mighty! She will suddenly dart away and this was causing shoulder and elbow pain. This leash has been absolutely perfect! Just wonderful! The bungee provides just enough slack so she's not running and jerking backwards. It give her a warning do she does not pull as much. The leash around my waist is MUCH MUCH easier on my body. I've taken to hooking up my 37 lb lab mix to it as well, with her own leash. Walking now, hands free is truly amazing. Another reviewer mentioned something about having a loop at the top of the leash, instead of 2 flat pieces, to make it easier for grabbing in a rush and I agree, but that is such a minor thing compared to the many benefits of this leash. Im going to attach a carabineer with a loop for that purpose. The reflective thread is thicker than most I've had and very reflective. I've had dogs my whole life and simply cannot believe how my quality of life has improved. It's completely changed my experience of being outside with my pups. Very well made, too. Heavy duty. I love it! Try it out. Hopefully you'll be as happy as I am~

Elizabeth J. Carroll
Great leash for tugging pups.

This leash is wonderful if you have a dog that tugs on runs. My very energetic pup, loves runs, but also loves to tug my arm out of socket while exploring. This leash is wonderful. The elastic in the leash helps with the sudden jerks on the leash, and having the waist band really helps to keep any tugging from affecting your stride. It has also been wonderful when walking trails as I find that my dogs movements do not affect my balance nearly as much when she is attached to my core, rather than holding onto a leash. I also love the double handles so if I am in a situation that I want a little more control, I can reach down to use of the two handles. Definitely would recommend and will buy another if my current one wears out.

David A. Rahn
Do you want a better way to walk your dog?

I don’t know why we didn’t get this sooner. This is the best leash ever. Perfect for walking or hitting the trails. Plus it’s easier to control a dog with your full weight rather than your arm or shoulder being pulled. I LOVE the hands free feature. And the waist belt provides a place to hang a treat bag, phone, etc. The bungee allows for gentle pulling and the 2 hand loops gives the option of reeling back in comfortably. Ring clips on waist belt are great and you could even add more clips or rings if you wanted. There really is no downside to this leash for me. Using this for a Mastiff pup that is rapidly growing and it should be fine for him clear up to the adult stage. And we can attach the leash easily to a bench or chair when at outdoor eateries in Asheville.

Francis J. Dyke
A NECESSITY for dogs that pull.

This is literally the best leash I have ever used. For a year I have been using the easy walk and a regular long traffic leash. Walking one of my dogs was horrible. He would pull even with the easy walk harness! Walking without a leash was great, he stayed very close. But as soon as I put a leash on he became a sleigh dog! This leash is awesome because it doesn’t give the pressure from tugging which allows a dog to pull. I can walk two dogs by myself without worrying about pulling or them walking ahead of me, and takes a ton of pressure off my shoulders from trying to handle a pulling dog. Literally about to cry because I can finally enjoy taking my dog for a walk! I love it and will purchase again!

Jacqueline R. Robles
Great leash for active dogs

I have tried my share of leashes in the past, and I can say this leash is the best. Some of those reasons, being
- having the ability to grab the leash on both handles, the one I find valuable is the one closer to the dog (no more choking up on the leash and getting fingers pinched trying to ease a dog away from something)
- there is little tension on the lower back when using this around the waist, makes it perfect for hiking and running (or any instances where you can get a dog pulling)
- reflectivity of the leash is nice for walking in low light areas, giving cars and other people notice of your presence