WagBrace™ - Knee Brace Support For Dogs (Adjustable)
WagBrace™ - Knee Brace Support For Dogs (Adjustable)
WagBrace™ - Knee Brace Support For Dogs (Adjustable)
WagBrace™ - Knee Brace Support For Dogs (Adjustable)
WagBrace™ - Knee Brace Support For Dogs (Adjustable)
WagBrace™ - Knee Brace Support For Dogs (Adjustable)

WagBrace™ - Knee Brace Support For Dogs (Adjustable)

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Restore the Joy of Pain-Free Activity!


Has your dog recently become injured?

When does your dog need braces?

Injuries to the lower limbs of dogs frequently need to be splinted or braced.

Having the right leg braces or splints to help your pet during these times can make all the difference

WagBrace™  is very useful therapy product, tearing from the wound, cruciate ligament to splint & sprain.

It can help them walk after surgery and help them recover.

With the goal of bringing mobility back to dogs in need, WagBrace™  specializes in premium, lightweight canine support that allow all dogs to enjoy their happy, active lives, regardless of age or condition.


Protect Your Dog

WagBrace™ is an easy to use, comfortable and exchangeable leg protection for dogs which protects wounds, seams, bandages, hotspots, skin problems as well as your dog's environment. It is ideal for wrapping legs to cover wounds .

Perfect for Recovery

WagBrace™ is shock-absorbing, soft and elastic, will not harm your dog's skin, and will help you recover from pain. There is also a buffer inside, which makes it firmer and healthy.

Relieve the Pain

WagBrace™ is designed to accommodate the dog's buckled area, allowing it to soothe sore tendons, muscles and joints.

Reduce the Probability of Injury

Due to the lively nature of pets, like jumping fences or running, pets are prone to other injuries due to knee injuries. Can effectively reduce the probability of injury.

Great Aid for Senior Dogs 

As your dog gets older, their joints will start to need some help to keep supporting their weight; WagBrace™  gives your dog's rear legs the support they need to prevent overwork and stay healthy, mobile, and happy.

How to Use

Please measure your dog's hind leg (see picture for reference) before choosing a size;

For recovery purposes, simply bandage the leg and then wrap it with WagBrace™ .

For senior dogs, apply the brace before your dog's most active hours. 

Size Guide

Important Tips

1. WagBrace™ can be used before and after surgery, chronic arthritis, ligament Injuries and arthritis.

2. Keep it on for only a few hours at a time. Remove brace every 2-3 hours to allow leg to “breathe”.

3. Do not keep this on overnight.

4 . If the dog gets wet or walks thru mud, remove, clean and dry the leg and the brace.

5. Keep to tighten the dog hock joint brace. If it is too loose, it won’t help.

Package Includes:

1* WagBrace™ - Knee Brace Support For Dogs (Adjustable)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
It works

Not sure what happened to the pooch, but her limp got pretty bad. This definitely helps. Still a limp, but not near as bad as without.Takes a while to figure out how to get it on right, and they should put that in the instructions. After trial and error, it’s important that both the upper and lower leg brace gets attached perpendicular to the leg. Dogs don’t tend to stretch their legs for you to attach. Lol!She growls at me when I take it off, so I know she definitely likes it and the pressure it relieves.

Tiffany spicer
Didn't work out the way I hoped but still great

The brace is great! My dog has terrible anxiety which causes her to lick her leg sore. She is very persistent and decided to chew the brace off though. It's now her favorite toy which she carries proudly around the house.

ann nowak
wow oh wow, she does so much better.

Our German sheppard who is 13 is running again along side her two year old brother thanks to this brace. I highly recommend this to anyone whos dog is suffering with a wobbly back leg. it has made a huge difference in her personality and she is so happy to run and have fun. thank you thank you thank you

Works great. Already noticeably less limping.

We have a 80 lb dog that torn his Acl/Ccl and this brace has really helped him. At first he was really scared and unsure of it but after a couple of hours he did great. We have kept it on him mostly through the day. I have noticed that when the brace is off that he isn’t limping as bad as he was before we started the brace. We measured according to the chart and purchased a large. Fits great.

Dog can walk again

Got the brace quickly and put it on the dog right away. She was more that willing to put it on which was great! She could walk on that paw right away which she was unable to do before. Vet says it's a partial tear.so we have to keep her leashed for a few weeks to let it heal,but she is more that ready to go with that brace. I highly recommend. It gives great support and we will probably keep using even once she is healed to prevent re injury.

Great product, but bigger sizes are needed

I read the reviews before purchasing, I have a 3 year old 60 lbs. Chinese Shar-pei, he sprained his rear leg and I decided to buy this brace to help him recover, I ordered the XL size as it is the largest they sell (I wish they had a XXL size, it would have been a better fit) I absolutely loved it, I read other reviews and read about chaffing, so I decided to cut a child sock and put it under the brace and it worked wonders, my pup wasn't in any discomfort on the contrary he seemed very comfortable, he didn't try to take it off and it stayed put until I took it off, I would highly recommend this product and PLEASE MAKE A BIGGER SIZE!!

Easily Fits Measurements that Exceed Extra-Large

After searching for one of these to fit my 12-year-old, 160-pound Malamute, I ordered this product with little expectations. His measurements are significantly larger than what is posted for the extra-large, but since a lot of people mentioned that the velcro is quite long, I thought I'd take a chance just to see if it would fit. Figured I'd just donate it to a rescue if it didn't. Well, the reviews are accurate. There is plenty of velcro to accommodate a larger size. I let him wear one around the house and on our walk and I could easily see he was appreciating the extra support. The same day, I ordered a second one for the other side. He was really struggling to get up, especially after a nap, but he's so much more steady wearing these. As of now, I haven't noticed any areas where they could possibly rub while walking and cause soreness at all, but I take them off at bedtime to give him a break from them anyway. Plan on ordering another pair so I always have one clean. Wish I had ordered them sooner.