Winkflo™ - Disposable Flying Insect Trap (Non-Toxic)
Winkflo™ - Disposable Flying Insect Trap (Non-Toxic)
Winkflo™ - Disposable Flying Insect Trap (Non-Toxic)
Winkflo™ - Disposable Flying Insect Trap (Non-Toxic)
Winkflo™ - Disposable Flying Insect Trap (Non-Toxic)
Winkflo™ - Disposable Flying Insect Trap (Non-Toxic)

Winkflo™ - Disposable Flying Insect Trap (Non-Toxic)

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   Eliminate Pesky Flies with Winkflo™

Are houseflies harmful?

In many cases, housefly infestations are often just a nuisance. However, houseflies can also carry viruses and bacteria that can spread when they bite. Diseases house flies might carry include:

  • food poisoning
  • cholera
  • E. coli
  • typhoid fever
  • dysentery
  • tuberculosis
  • eye infections
  • tropical infection called yaws

Winkflo™ - Disposable Flying Insect Trap (Non-Toxic) is a simple and easy way to get rid of pesky flies in your home.


-The fly trap itself contains baited bait.
-Once the water is added, the bait will quickly dissolve
-The design of fly traps avoids direct contact with baits and flies.
-It is a completely disposable product. Neat, hygienic and environmentally friendly.
-Can capture nearly 20,000 harmful flies at one time.

This disposable fly trap can be hung up indoors or outdoors to attract and trap flies.

The non-toxic bait lure will attract flies and they will be trapped inside the bag

This fly trap is safe for humans, pets, and the environment.


  Easy Fly Control

Winkflo™  is easy to set up and use, making it ideal for those who dont want to fuss with more complicated fly traps.


Winkflo™  is an economical way to control flies without having to buy expensive fly sprays or other traps.


Winkflo™  is non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets.



Winkflo™  is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, allowing you to control flies in multiple areas of your home.


Winkflo™  is designed to attract and trap flies, making it an effective way to reduce the number of flies in your home.

Outdoor Use Only
Flies find the scent of our special attracting bait irresistible, but—trust us—you and your house guests will not. Only use this trap outdoors, and 20 feet away from any living areas.

When the bag is full, simply throw it away and replace with a new one or you can recycle.

Package Includes:

1* Disposable Flying Insect Trap (6 pcs)

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UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention and COVID-19, we're running extremely low on these, and delivery times might take a bit longer, so hurry and Buy Now before it's all gone.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Andrew C
Fantastic Trap

This is less than 24 hours of setting up initially. Already trapped more flies than any other thing I’ve purchased. Great product!First bag, I went to set up, my string broke, the bag busted all over my $120 Clark’s shoes. 😂It is your supplies string, they do not supply one. So it’s my fault for not joining the Boy Scouts and learning how to successfully tie knots. Just don’t drop the bags... they burst.

Karen Decker
Hottest action resort for flies!

 If you have a fly problem Fly Trap is the product to buy. I know, cause I have tried other brands and none compare to the effectiveness of this.A couple of weeks ago our city experienced excessive amounts of rainfall in a very short amount of time. Apparently that kind of weather activity generates more than normal amounts of flies. I was able to buy one of these! Fly Traps at a local hardware store. Two days later when I decided I needed multiple of these 'fly motels' I discovered that everyone else in the city was experiencing the same issues with flies as I was. NO ONE had them available to buy!!So I went online to make a purchase. I knew that thisworked well so I ordered them with a delivery date a week later. Being impatient I ordered a different brand which promised to arrive in two days. (It took three days.) When the other brand arrived I set them up around the patio and waited for them to attract flies. UGH! It was a full day later before they started attracting flies, and even then is was not at the same fantastic rate as this. Fly Traps arrived and I have set them up around the patio and they are already attracting more flies than the other brand. Seriously- the flies line up waiting to get in the bag! fly bag.This is the brand to buy!!

James Dickey
They catch TONS of flies.

These are great. They smell a little bad, but they attract and catch flies. I use two at a time in our back yard, so I order 8 at a time and change them out monthly and I have control of the flies all season long.

John Michael
Disgusting yet satisfying

These things are disgusting satisfying and yet incredibly effective. I place two around my place, away from the house, and with in a month both will be overflowing with flies. Has done wonders in cutting the populations down. Unquestionably disposable is the way to go, once it is full just toss and put a new one up. Tust me, you're not gonna want to rebait a reusable trap once you see and smell a full one. Well worth the money!

Keep flies off my horses

I hang these all around my horse paddock and manure pile (i also use predator wasps in manure pile). They fill up with dead flies after a few weeks and then I replace them. Seeing how many flies die in them I know they are effective. They do have a foul odor if you are close so don’t recommend hanging near your windows or patio. They are most effective in sunny places.

Richard s.
best value and they work!

This is the only product I have found that works. Smells horrible but the flies LOVE it! - use warm/hot water to fill them up and they work well. Even if they dry out, you can add more water and get some more life (or death) out of it then toss it when its full. - Great mass grave for flies!

Fly Cemetery

These work unbelievably well! I have tried other brands that didn't work. I had to throw three of these out after a week, because they filled completely with flies, from top to bottom. I provided two pictures. One shows the full bag after a week. The other was taken after only a few days. Notice how the lizards figured out where to get a free lunch.