Kitty Korner™ - Cat Self Grooming Wall Scratcher
Kitty Korner™ - Cat Self Grooming Wall Scratcher
Kitty Korner™ - Cat Self Grooming Wall Scratcher
Kitty Korner™ - Cat Self Grooming Wall Scratcher
Kitty Korner™ - Cat Self Grooming Wall Scratcher
Kitty Korner™ - Cat Self Grooming Wall Scratcher
Kitty Korner™ - Cat Self Grooming Wall Scratcher
Kitty Korner™ - Cat Self Grooming Wall Scratcher
Kitty Korner™ - Cat Self Grooming Wall Scratcher
Kitty Korner™ - Cat Self Grooming Wall Scratcher

Kitty Korner™ - Cat Self Grooming Wall Scratcher

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A Groomed Cat Is A Happy Cat


Neglecting to brush your kitty's coat can lead to painful tangles and knotted fur.

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Brushing your cat not only removes dirt, grease, and dead hair from her coat. It also helps to remove skin flakes and stimulates blood circulation, improving the overall condition of their skin.

Introducing the Kitty Brush™


  • Reduce Shedding: And keep your cat in pristine condition! 
  • Itch Relief: It contains catmint to attract cats to itch and massage themselves.
  • Comfortable & Soft: Made of eco-friendly soft bristles to ensure gentle grooming without the pain of removing the fur and scratch the cat. 
  • Easy To Mount: Uses quality 3M tape so that you can place it in your cat's favorite corner. We also include screws if you prefer to secure it that way, as well. 
  • Easy To Clean: The quality plastic material is easy to rinse off, dry, and replace so your cat can get right back to the delights of self-massage and scratches!
  • Cats LOVE IT: Your cat is going to love this comb. It scratches, combs, and massages at their convenience. It is the ideal toy for cats of all ages and sizes and is completely human-friendly, too. 


Color: Black/Grey/Green/Blue/Pink/Yellow



 Can you hold this and use it like a regular brush?

- Yes, you can.

 Where do you put the catnip?

- There are little tiny tubes on the sides of the comb (has to not be on the wall to see).

As it fills up with hair, how do you clean it?

- You just squeeze the sides and the piece with the bristles pops out for easy cleaning and catnip refilling.

Does the tape hold on to the wall? 

- Yes, the key is to first be sure your wall is free from grease and grime.


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UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention and COVID-19, we're running extremely low on these, and delivery times might take 5-15 daysso hurry and Buy Now before it's all gone.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

My Cats seem to really love it and are very attracted to it!

Amber S.
Scratches in just the right place.

I stuck this on a post outside, near porch steps. Kitty immediately checked this change in his environment. He took to it right away. He rubs against it every time he passes by. It’s still stuck to the post in spite of rain, cold, and summer sun. Install at the correct height for your cat to rub his chin and neck. Both cats like it; the younger cat took longer to use it but does now.

Andy D.
Love these for our kitten!

Our kitten really loves these. She doesn't really use them if placed on a corner of a wall, but I pinched one on the floor between a table and a rug to keep it snug and she will rub her jaw and chin on it as I take another one and rub her head and back when she is in need of some comfort. It is really helpful when she is in heat as we wait for her scheduled spade appointment. Highly recommend!

Jeannie Garcia
Willow the kitty loves it!

My mother has 2 cats that were causing her walls to be dingy where they rub themselves on the corners of her wall. We used the adhesives to apply them, and the catnip we put inside draws them in. They love to rub their faces and hindquarters on them.

The kit comes with catnip, screws, and adhesives. The adhesives hold well on Sheetrock and wood, but not on brick. Very easy to assemble and apply. I recommend it for cat lovers.

Julian *******
Self grooming brushes

I am essentially reviewing this product on behalf of my cats! Before I had the opportunity to remove the items from the box cats were all over the catnip. I really like that several little packets of catnip were included with these sturdy brushes. I like that the bristles detach from the plastic corner that can be adhered to furniture or any corner surface with tiny screws. It’s also nice that the brush detaches from the base for easier cleaning. The only suggestion I have is that the screws are very tiny and most people probably don’t have the proper screwdriver to use the screws. Other than that the cats loved it.

Exceeded my expectations!!!

I like it because the cats leave the furniture alone I also like it because it has catnip channels in it and it comes with the catnip they not only are happy but they're grooming themselves whether they know it or not.

Shannon P.
Perfect for any cat owner! A must have in your home!!!!

Great idea!!! Differently helps with "brushing" my cat.
Installation: Very easy. Use the self-stick pads or screws.
The self stick pads are very strong, if you put this item on the corner of a wall that is painted, you can expect the paint to come off with the pad when you remove it. Wish I knew that, I would have gotten some of those 3M double sided tape instead.
The crews are very small and don't have much of a "point" to them, so pre-drilling a small shallow hole might make it easier. Also most household corners have a reinforced "metal" addition to them, and the provided screw won't puncture it.
The location that the catnip goes, is pretty small, but not that big of a deal.