Lint Master™ - Portable Lint Remover
Lint Master™ - Portable Lint Remover
Lint Master™ - Portable Lint Remover
Lint Master™ - Portable Lint Remover
Lint Master™ - Portable Lint Remover
Lint Master™ - Portable Lint Remover
Lint Master™ - Portable Lint Remover

Lint Master™ - Portable Lint Remover

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 Restore your clothes and fabrics to a fresh new look!

So, which is worse: lint on clothes or lint on upholstery?

It really doesn't matter because lint never looks good.

When materials rub together (particularly cotton, linen and wool) loose bits of fabric fiber – called lint – can build up.

The best way to remove lint includes using a lint roller or picking it off the fabric with sticky tape that’s been wrapped around your hand.


Introducing the Lint Master™

Heli Summer - Portable Lint Remover Application

The Lint Master™ is the #1 rated tool for your carpets, car, clothes, furniture, bedding, upholstery & more.


  • Save Money - Did you know 58% of clothes & fabrics with fuzz or pilling end up being thrown away? Save money on replacing old, tired carpets, bedding & clothes, plus, no more throwing out endless non-recyclable sticky lint paper. 

Heli Summer - Portable Lint Remover Quick & Easy Features

  • Look Magnificent - Restore your clothes, carpet, furniture, and fabrics to an excellent condition- like when you first got them.

Heli Summer - Portable Lint Remover Pure Copper Head

  • One Time Only Solution - No need to replace any parts, dispose of anything, or ever buy another. This was built to last, that’s why we include a lifetime warranty with every order. You'll be handing it down to your grandkids.

  • Pet Owners Celebrate - A true no-brainer for pet owners. Pet hair can be a nightmare to remove from fabrics. Vacuuming is tiresome, slow, and ineffective. The Lint Master™ is small, fast, and easy to use. Perfect to remove hair from the carpet, sofa, bedding, and car! You'll be amazed at just how much hair your vacuum misses. 🐶🐱 

  • Great for cleaning your clothing, bedding, furniture, and car upholstery;
Heli Summer - Portable Lint Remover Before After 03

Works best for:

      • Carpets
      • Furniture Fabrics
      • Rugs
      • Bedding
      • Pillows
      • Blankets
      • Clothes
      • Car Seats & Floor
      • Home Floor / Bathroom / Car Mats
      • Any non-knitted fabric

How It Works

1. Drag your Lint Cleaner Pro™ across the fabric while applying a little pressure.

2. The copper teeth are designed to only remove any excess material or bobbles from the fabric.

3. Collect all the hair, fluff, fuzz & pills, and throw them away.

4. Your fabric is now looking great again! 

Bring them all back to a fresh, brand-new condition just like when they were new!

Package Includes:

  • 1 X Portable Lint Remover

Heli Summer - Portable Lint Remover Scope of Application


 Will this work on pet hair/fluff embedded in the carpet, car, clothing, sofa, etc?

- Yes, it is designed to solve problems associated with dust or lint.

I want to use it on my pet. Is the effect good?

NO! This is not to be used on PETS or HUMANS. 

Can this be used on couches?

- I guess it depends on the couch material. I used it on mine and it didn't damage the fabric. (mine is linen)


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UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention and COVID-19, we're running extremely low on these, and delivery times might take 5-15 daysso hurry and Buy Now before it's all gone.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Derek McLean
Great product!

This thing is awesome. Bought it to help out the vacuum that’s being destroyed by my husky. It works great getting fur out of the rug.

Jugs. B.
Great product but be careful!

Works amazing but be careful with furniture. Just did my ottoman and it picked up so much fur. However you can hear how it pulls on the fabric so you have to be very gentle and I wouldn’t recommend using it very often for that reason but overall it does as advertised!

Jenna P.
Great product!

I was iffy about buying this product at first, but wow am I glad I did! It took so much cat/dog hair off not only the carpet, but my couch too! Definitely makes the floor and carpet look a lot newer and clean!

Chris J.
you'll love it

These are excellent...really. all this time I'm buying battery-operated fuzz ball remover, and they this one I bought. And its the best I've ever used.

Mara J.
Works awesome on carpet!!

I bought this for my classroom rug. I purchased the rug with my own funds while a public school teacher so it came home with me when I left the classroom. I’m homeschooling my son, so we are using the rug in our at home classroom. It was a mess. I tried using a vacuum on it, lint rollers, and other lint brushes. The photos show my rug before, my rug after doing on square and how much hair and fur I got off the whole rug. My rug looks much fresher now! This is amazing! I got a two pack, and one came with one gold part off it, but I just stuck back on and it still works fine.

Dani V.

My cat has a tendency of throwing up, and since she primarily sleeps on the bed, I had to get a waterproof pet blanket. That solved the problem of my sheets getting stained BUT, it was freaking impossible to get all her hair off the blanket. Every time I washed the pet blanket in the washer, it was a pain to clean the washer afterward. I dealt with this for over a year until I found this product! I can't recommend it enough as a tool to scrape fur off the fabric. It really does exactly that, and it's incredibly easy to use. Now, I can't vouch whether it will damage the fabric on a piece of furniture that you care about but as for my pet blanket, I go to town on it and it takes the fur right off.

Leah C.
Amazing product!

I loved it, it works great to remove the lint, I highly recommend it. And it's quite comfortable to use.