OFisho™ - Fishing Pro Alarm Indicator
OFisho™ - Fishing Pro Alarm Indicator
OFisho™ - Fishing Pro Alarm Indicator
OFisho™ - Fishing Pro Alarm Indicator
OFisho™ - Fishing Pro Alarm Indicator

OFisho™ - Fishing Pro Alarm Indicator

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Never Miss A Fish Bite Again...EVER!

Tired Of Missing Catches?
Don't you hate it when you take your eyes off your rod for one second and as soon as you do, your rod gets a huge fish but you didn't catch it in time?

Never miss a strike again, day or night with OFisho™

✔️ GUARANTEED TO CATCH MORE FISH: Among the best bite alarms in the world, the alarm rings, and the LED lights up every time you have a bite! 

✔️ SIMPLE & EASY USE: Clips on to any rod of any size. The easy-to-use clamp with its lined jaws attaches firmly to your fishing rod - A simple no mess, no fuss formula that keeps your line clean and untangled.

✔️ RECOMMENDED BY EXPERT MATCH WINNING ANGLERS: Recommended by sport anglers and fishers worldwide, The Strike Master Fish Alarm Indicator does not need any special directions for use - Easy for use by amateurs and professionals alike!


      Material: Plastic
      Battery: 3 x LR44 Button Batteries (Included)
      Length: 8cm/3.15" 
      Width: 5.5cm/2.17" 
      Height: 4cm/1.57" 

        HOW TO USE

        Simply clip OFisho™ onto your fishing rod, put your fishing line through it. Lastly, press the power button and start fishin'!


        Package Contents: 1x OFisho™

        Sometimes, even the most experienced fishermen miss out on a good catch, simply due to not paying attention. Never miss another strike with this amazing fishing gadget!


        Are these waterproof?

        No, but it is water-resistant.

        Are batteries included?

        Yes they are included.

        Will high winds set the alarm off?

        Wind alone will not trigger the alarm. But if in an anchored boat, bottom fishing and the boat sways it may trigger an alarm if the boat is moving around and the line is tight.

        Is it suitable and works for deep fishing? With the electric deep fishing reels ??

        - It works best in calm waters like a lake or a slow slow river or the current doesn’t pull the line.


        ✓ Best Fishing Pro Alarm Indicator (More Durable compared to others)
        ✓ Best Investment for you!
          Rated 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
         Risk-FREE - More Affordable + It's FREE Shipping
        ✓ Ideal for outdoor fishing, and more
        ✓ Live Stress-FREE 
        ✔️ Order Now & Start Fishin Right! ✔️



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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 11 reviews
        Tom Helsey
        Good product

        Used while Catfishing and Trout when I have a rod in a tube or on a dock cleat, the siren will wake up the dead and scare away any criminals you have near you:) Unsure how long it lasts, however.

        Joseph C.
        Finally, a product that is very useful to me!

        Finally, a product that is very useful to me! Since I am a vision impaired person and have little to no sight during the evening hours, this product is right up my alley and will get much use. the alarm is more than loud enough to hear even from a good distance.

        Great alarm, especially for the cost!

        It came with a lot of extra batteries, I really appreciate that. The 3 alarms have made it on 4-afternoon fishing trips but I've only heard one go off once (due to my lack of fishing skills). Alarms stay on my rods well and have little silicone grip covers so they don't scratch the rod. The alarm is pretty loud, you could easily hear it from far away. Overall a great little help for just a few bucks.

        Dustin Dunn
        Amazing Product!

        Very happy with the product. I arrive in perfect condition. I tried it, and they work.

        Kyle Helmig
        Worth the money!

        These work great for the money! Can hear good from a distance while you're casting your other poles. I realized right away when this 10lb catfish was on the line.

        Jeff Conroy
        Absolutely satisfied!!

        Very happy with them. Caught this bad boy using these bite alarms!

        Delbert Kunde
        Fishing Time!

        Got this for the whole famliy!