TrailRester Pro™ - Light Inflatable Sleeping Pad (Compact)
TrailRester Pro™ - Light Inflatable Sleeping Pad (Compact)
TrailRester Pro™ - Light Inflatable Sleeping Pad (Compact)
TrailRester Pro™ - Light Inflatable Sleeping Pad (Compact)
TrailRester Pro™ - Light Inflatable Sleeping Pad (Compact)
TrailRester Pro™ - Light Inflatable Sleeping Pad (Compact)
TrailRester Pro™ - Light Inflatable Sleeping Pad (Compact)

TrailRester Pro™ - Light Inflatable Sleeping Pad (Compact)

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The best days in the outdoors start with a good night’s sleep!


Finding it hard to sleep on rocky hard surfaces when camping or hiking?

There is something so calming and romantic about sleeping under the stars. Unfortunately, sleeping on the cold, hard ground can also lead to uncomfortable nights and stiffness in the morning.

Now, getting your beauty sleep while camping is possible.

Introducing the new TrailRester Pro™

TrailRester Pro™ solves all these problems making you feel like you're sleeping in your bed! This mattress is the ultimate inflatable mattress making it very easy for outdoor use. 

Sleep like a baby on our 2.2-inch-thick camping mat!


  • Resistant & Durable: Isn't it frustrating to have those camping mats pop on you? This is why we made sure the new TrailRester Pro™ is made with dual-layered durable material for optimal resistance!
  • Ultra Lightweight: Typical outdoor mattresses weigh 2-5lbs! Unbelievable. Our number one priority was to make this mattress as lightweight as possible, and that is why our mattress only weighs 1lb. Easily inflate by mouth and deflate in seconds!
  • Super compact: This mattress is our customers' favorite, and the reason for this is how small and compact it is. The size of this mattress is compared to the size of a water bottle when it's in the carrying bag. The worst part about camping is dragging your mattress everywhere you go, but with the TrailRester Pro™, this will never be a problem.  

  • Maximum comfort: Sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress can cause backaches and neck pains, so this is why our mattress has over 140 insulated flexible air cells and has been tested by thousands of people to ensure you can relax and enjoy your downtime the right way.

  • Cold Protection: The closer you are to the ground, the colder you are. This is because your body absorbs the cold air, leaving you cold at night. That's why our mattress is ergonomically designed with layer systems to make sure that you stay warm when camping out.
  • Built-In Pillow: Our goal is for you to have a good night's sleep when camping, that is why our mattress comes with a pillow for maximum comfort.  

How To Use

No matter what type of adventurer you are, this ultra-lightweight sleeping mat is easy to carry and won’t weigh you down.


Air Mattress Material: Nylon TPU

Seal Coating weight: about 550g

Color: green, orange, blue

Size Before Filling: 26 * 10 cm (long * wide)

Size After Filling: 190 * 60 * 5 cm (long * wide * thick)

Package List: 1 * Air Mattress 1 * Storage bag 


Is the pillow valve separate from the mat valve?

-Yes, there are 2 separate valves. If you blow up the bed valve it leaves the pillow portion completely uninflated

Is this good for backpacking?

-Yes, this ultralight mat is perfect for backpacking.

Is this waterproof and how hard is it to dry if it gets wet?

-The material is waterproof, so don't worry about getting wet, enjoy!

What is the max weight that can sleep on this pad?

-We tested for a 200 pounds adult, and this mat did a great job!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Jugs. B.
Comfy feeling material

The ability to separately inflate the pillow area is what drew me to this pad. I think the extra valve probably adds some weight but the 70D construction also makes the whole unit hit 19 oz. But that should also be more abrasion-resistant. The main body valve then allows you to firm that area up for comfortable side sleeping, and the many raised air cells keep the bouncy feel to a minimum. The material also has a nice, smooth, almost soft feel to it. I'm excited to take it backpacking for US Labor Day wknd!

Chris V.

Slept on this for 4 days while camping in Utah. Woke up with zero back pain. Lightweight, super easy to inflate. I'd recommend blowing air each night before bed to ensure you are at max. It fit perfectly in my backpacking tent. Would definitely recommend it.

Douglas C.
Amazing product

I'm a big dude, let's say over 300 lbs. I blew it up and no issues at all. I was expecting to hear a screaming pig when my fluffy but laid down on it. To my surprise, it held up and was comfortable to sleep on. Would recommend this for the stick people all the way to the fluffy's like myself!!

A little too light weight.

Loved the stuff bag, ease of inflation, deflation, and separate pillow. As far as comfort, they're a little thin for me. I found myself changing positions all night, from one side to the other side to my back. The back was the most comfortable, even weight distribution I'd guess. After 4 nights I was ready for my bed. I might be getting too old because my son sleeps like a rock.

Emily C
Great Night Sleep

This is exactly as advertised and while there are lighter sleeping pads, this is worth the weight to carry. I used it for 3nights in the smokies on a backpacking adventure and don't regret carrying it for any of the 27 miles we covered. My boyfriend actually got a different inflatable sleeping pad and one night we switched so he counts feel how happy I was with this one. We both agreed he was terrible and this one was excellent. One night we didn't get to our campsite until after dark. We quickly set up the tent and went to sleep - in the morning we realized I had a bunch of roots and rocks on my side which I never felt. I was impressed. The pillow also inflates to the perfect height and I never had problems rolling it back up into its carry bag. Well worth the price - a bad night's sleep can make a fun hike unbearable.

Paula L.
Well Made & Comfortable

Well made with nice and fluffy material. Very comfortable. My only regret is not realizing this inflatable mattress does not come with a portable air pump. A built-in pillow is convenient and saves packing space.
The elastic strap is good for keeping the mattress bundled and easy to travel with. Delivery was quick and came well packaged with no damage. Small and portable, sleep one adult, or can be used for two children. The pillow comes attached to the bed, and that's a big plus, I have more space to put other stuff that I might need, instead of a pillow.

Kit D.
Seems like a Super Bargain compared to the others!

So I'm like you...there are always some naysayers with 1 rating and I read those. So it appears that some leak down, so the first thing I did was blow it up (20 blows by mouth) for the main body and about 15 for the pillow). Then I laid on it. surprisingly comfortable! I've yet to sleep on it yet, but it's held air for over 2 days. So I got a good one! Rolls and packs down EZ & fit in the provided bag. Nice and long for a 5' 9" guy. Potentially Nit-picky comment, I'd like to see the pillow indentation on just one side so I could flip it over if desired.