Winkflo™ - Ultrasonic Cleaner (Kills Germs)
Winkflo™ - Ultrasonic Cleaner (Kills Germs)
Winkflo™ - Ultrasonic Cleaner (Kills Germs)
Winkflo™ - Ultrasonic Cleaner (Kills Germs)
Winkflo™ - Ultrasonic Cleaner (Kills Germs)

Winkflo™ - Ultrasonic Cleaner (Kills Germs)

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Effortlessly Clean and Disinfect with Winkflo™

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Are you tired of wasting hours scrubbing and disinfecting your jewelry, watches, and other small items?


Winkflo™ is an ultrasonic cleaner that uses high-frequency sound waves, this cleaner can remove dirt, grime, and bacteria from small items, leaving them sparkling clean and disinfected.


Ultra Clean: Using the technology of ultra-high frequency waves this cleaner generates thousands of air bubbles to use vibration to scrub your products. 


MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Both glasses and jewelry are easy to clean in this handy device!

This product is suitable for cleaning glasses, jewelry, teeth aligners, makeup brushes, and any other waterproof appliance.

Faster and more efficient cleaning compared to traditional methods

DEEP CLEANING: Improve hygiene and cleanliness of your belongings

How To Use

Simply fill the ultrasonic cleaner with water and a small amount of cleaning solution, place your small items in the cleaner, and turn it on.


  • Product size: 7.32'' x 2.84'' x 2.67''
  • Tank size: 5.98'' x 2.13'' x 0.24''
  • Product color: White
  • Timing time: 3 minutes
  • Material: PP
  • Power supply: AAA batteries


✓ Most Versatile Cleaner for All Items
 Rated 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
 Risk-FREE + Convenient + It's FREE Shipping
✓ Reliable 
✓ All in One Device!


1. Can the ultrasonic cleaner be used to clean all types of jewelry?
- Yes, Our ultrasonic cleaner can be used to clean most types of jewelry, including gold, silver, and platinum. However, it is not recommended for use with pearls, opals, and other porous or delicate stones, as the ultrasonic waves may damage them.

2. Can the cleaner be used to disinfect other small items such as eyeglasses or razor blades?
- Yes, our ultrasonic cleaner can be used to clean and disinfect a wide variety of small items, including eyeglasses, razor blades, and more.

3. How often should I clean the cleaner?
- It is recommended to clean the ultrasonic cleaner regularly to remove any dirt or debris that may accumulate in the tank. Simply fill the tank with water and a small amount of cleaning solution and turn on the cleaner to clean it.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
S. L. Patterson
2 minutes to bring more sparkle to your life

I am thrilled with this ultrasonic cleaner because it works fast and left my eyeglasses and wedding ring (set with stones) as sparkly and clean as new! I just put my jewelries on to type this, and it feels like I have a new sets. For the functionality and versatility, this is certainly worth the price. I also like the suggestions in the instructions sheet because it suggested things I had not even thought about (electric razor head?)...can't wait to ultrasonic-ize more stuff.


 WHERE HAS THIS BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE!! I only added a mixture of dawn (blue) soap and warm/hotish water and it completely cleaned my glasses!!! Made my jewelry look like it was brand spanking new too!! The best I have ever spent! If you are thinking about it just do it and buy this machine!

Joe Wood
Incredible for glasses cleaning! I can see again!

I never realized how much oils and such get trapped in the crevices of my glasses. Every time you wipe your lenses with a cleaner wipe and you still get a smear is probably because your wipe is pulling oil out of the crevices back onto the lens. This cleaner is perfect for getting all of that gunk out of the gaps and crevices so you can have crystal-clear vision once again. Highly recommend!

Rich Scalici
This deserves a million stars!

I purchase this as the price seemed right and my expectations were exceeded. I thought about taking a picture of the dirty water after cleaning some jewelry but I realized I would be too embarrassed. I also cleaned glasses that I use and was very pleasantly surprised. 5 stars for sure!

Rich Scalici
This thing is amazing

 I have two pairs of diamond earrings that I wear 24/7 along with my wedding ring set. I'm very meticulous about my diamonds and care for them on a regular basis. Well, this was a birthday gift for me and I purposely didn't clean my diamonds for a full month because I wanted to put this to the test. Boy let me tell you! This machine is a powerhouse! It vibrated dirt that wasn't even visible to me under my jewelers loop! This was the best gift I could have ever received and I would recommend it 10 times. This would be an amazing gift for someone newly engaged or just married. I mix dawn soap with warm water and then pour it into the machine. Turn the machine on and in 3 minutes it looks like my diamonds just came back from the jewelers. GET IT!

Touchless deep clean for my glasses

This sonic cleaner is just the right size for my titanium frame glasses. The frames are very minimal and flexible making them hard to hold to clean the lenses, plus the lens connectors tend to collect grime that's hard to wipe away. I use filtered water and a drop of liquid hand soap, and cut a piece of non-skid mesh to cushion the lenses from contact with the vibrating metal tray. The glasses come out perfectly clean after one cycle.

Quality product that works well

This is a small ultrasonic cleaner. Perfect for cleaning everyday jewelry items without the hassle of setting up something larger. I have had this for a week and after the first run with some of my wife's jewelries she now keeps on the bathroom counter ready to use. It also fits a pair of eye glasses if you have the need to clean into small crevices. Filled with a bit of warm water and mild dish detergent I was able to clean many jewelry items and a pair of sunglasses very well.It was when I mixed a bit of silver cleaner with warm water that I was very impressed. The machine was able to clean a bracelet that is worn daily and gets a fair amount of the normal dirt along with some tarnish and had it looking great in just one short run cycle. The bracelet came out clean into the design work and looking very shiny. I will no longer be cleaning that by hand...YAY!Overall the cleaner seems to be built well for what it is. I would like to have seen a removable basin but again with the smaller size it really inst needed. The cord is long enough to keep it plugged in and positioned in a convenient spot on the bathroom counter without having to put it away each time we use it. The lid stays on without sliding around although it is not required for use or to be air tight.I would recommend this to anyone that needs or is looking at buying an ultrasonic cleaner.