WagBowl™ - Anti-Spill Water Bowl for Dogs (Jumbo Size)
WagBowl™ - Anti-Spill Water Bowl for Dogs (Jumbo Size)
WagBowl™ - Anti-Spill Water Bowl for Dogs (Jumbo Size)
WagBowl™ - Anti-Spill Water Bowl for Dogs (Jumbo Size)
WagBowl™ - Anti-Spill Water Bowl for Dogs (Jumbo Size)
WagBowl™ - Anti-Spill Water Bowl for Dogs (Jumbo Size)
WagBowl™ - Anti-Spill Water Bowl for Dogs (Jumbo Size)
WagBowl™ - Anti-Spill Water Bowl for Dogs (Jumbo Size)

WagBowl™ - Anti-Spill Water Bowl for Dogs (Jumbo Size)

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No Spills, No Mess!

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Are you tired of frequently dealing with water spills and messes around your pet's water bowl?

Is maintaining a clean and dry area around your pet's water bowl a constant challenge?

Say goodbye to sopping wet floors and hello to a happy, playful pup!

Introducing the WagBowl™!

With its anti-spill design, your floors will stay dry while your furry friend quenches their thirst.

WagBowl™  is a specially designed pet accessory that helps prevent spills and reduces messes caused by enthusiastic eaters or drinkers. 

Key Benefits:

  1. Spill Prevention: Reduces spills, keeping your floors cleaner and safer.

  2. Reduced Mess: Contains splashes and prevents water from spilling over the edges.

  3. Travel-Friendly: Ideal for travel, camping, and outdoor activities as it minimizes spillage in moving vehicles.

  4. Stability: Designed with non-slip bases, which keep the bowl in place even when pets are eating or drinking vigorously.

  5. Easy Cleaning: Made from materials that are easy to clean, and dishwasher safe.

  6. Health and Safety: Helps in maintaining a hygienic feeding area, reducing the risk of bacterial growth from stale food and water spills.

  7. Pet Comfort: Designed to be comfortable for pets to eat and drink from without unnecessary obstacles or discomfort.


  • Raised Edges: Elevated rims around the bowl help contain splashes and spills.

  • Inner Lip: Incorporate an inner lip or flange to direct splashes back into the bowl.

  • Non-Slip Bottom: Rubber or silicone grips on the bottom prevent sliding on smooth surfaces. The non-slip base ensures it stays put, and its design makes it ideal for use both at home and during travel.

  • Splash Guard: WagBowl™ comes with a splash guard or a floating disc that allows dogs to drink while reducing splashes.

  • Material: made from durable, non-toxic materials such as stainless steel, BPA-free plastic, or silicone.

Overall, WagBowl™ is a practical solution for pet owners looking to keep their feeding areas cleaner and more hygienic while providing a comfortable feeding experience for their pets.


Package Includes:

1* WagBowl™ - Anti-Spill Water Bowl for Dogs

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Rebecca Warning
Spill proof

we have tried so many different water bowls for our cat. From different ceramic fountains to raised bowls. No matter how clean the bowl is, he will find a way to tip it. I don’t think it had to do with whisker sensitivity either because he would lick from the top of the fountains. I almost was to the point of just accepting that I’d be cleaning up large amounts of water, daily. Meaning, he will flip the entire fountain/bowl. Then I saw these bowls and decided to give it a try. He has not found a way to tip it yet😈 *knocks on wood*I won this time.I’m gonna be ordering another one shortly.He’s actually been hydrating more. I’m a happy cat momma.

Might not be good for small dogs

This bowl was a really nice concept. I bought it for my three 12 - 15 pound shih tzu's that I keep in full coat. I was hoping to avoid all the dripping after they drink. Unfortunately the bowl was really big and too hard for them to drink from. It only seemed to work a little for them when it was kept full to the top. I just don't think they were strong enough with their flat faces to push the ring down enough. It seems like it would be great for larger dogs. If you have really small dogs or flat faced dogs, it might not be right for you. I have a feeling it would be amazing for larger dogs. I would really like it if they offered a smaller size. Overall, it didn't work for me no matter what I tried, but I really think it would be wonderful for dogs that are larger or have normal dog snouts. See pictures that I included. If you have a larger dog with hair like this it would probably cut down on the mess. The couple of times they tried drinking from it, there definately was not as much dripping because their ears didn't hand into the bowl. LOL

Katie S
Fixes all our problems!

Our Newfoundland was a prone to bringing a whole mouth full of water to us on the couch. This bowl has completely fixed that problem!! There was zero learning curve for any of our dogs and even fits perfectly on their raised feeders. We loved it so much- we bought 2 more!

Amazing solution

My dog is a water gulper and dribbles water all over my wood floors. To the point that her water bowl sits on top of a towel and a rubber mat, and I still have to have a dish towel on the ground to wipe up messes. I tried this product out and it makes an amazing difference. Still one or two drops on the floor, but totally manageable. It’s a huge improvement. She was a little hesitant to drink from the new bowl so I pressed on the float so that she would know there’s water in there. It took her about a day to get the hang of it, but she’s got it now. The actual float does come apart so you can drain any water that gets caught in the float. Great online find!

Kevin P.
No more mopping up after the dog drinks from this bowl!

We bought this bowl because we were tired of sloshing through a flood of water after our 65lb English Setter drank from his water bowl. Our dogs were confused when we first put the bowl down. They thought the bowl was empty. We had to push on the top to show them that the water came up with just a little pressure. They learned quickly and now no more kitchen floor flood. I bought two and we love them.

Best on the Market!

I’ve gone through a few different water bowls and this one has been the best thus far. My little guy likes to eat and drink really fast so I needed a product that could slow down his drinking. He would drink and then throw it up all over my floor… and then go right back to drinking more. So this has stopped that from happening and I haven’t had any more incidents!

Beware of faulty rim update: sent replacement and works great

I received mine and the overall thought is great and I was very excited. This one showed up with a rim piece that refuses to stay in place and not sure whether that was a manufacturer issue or packaging? Either way, if popped off, my fear is that the puppy I bought this for will grab the rim (which he has already but caught him and fixed it) and chew it up and ingest the plastic (I don't enjoy vet bills). I contacted the company and even sent in pictures and was told they would send out a replacement and I have yet to receive so much as a tracking number. This was promised the 21st of March and it is now the 5th of April. Disappointed as I was hopeful for the product.UPDATE: upon sending pictures and a small request, seller has sent out entire new bowl with flush mounting lid that fits perfect and couldn't be happier with the bowl...dogs love it too. Thank you!