WagBox™ - Portable Litter Box for Travel (Foldable/Collapsible)
WagBox™ - Portable Litter Box for Travel (Foldable/Collapsible)
WagBox™ - Portable Litter Box for Travel (Foldable/Collapsible)
WagBox™ - Portable Litter Box for Travel (Foldable/Collapsible)
WagBox™ - Portable Litter Box for Travel (Foldable/Collapsible)
WagBox™ - Portable Litter Box for Travel (Foldable/Collapsible)
WagBox™ - Portable Litter Box for Travel (Foldable/Collapsible)
WagBox™ - Portable Litter Box for Travel (Foldable/Collapsible)

WagBox™ - Portable Litter Box for Travel (Foldable/Collapsible)

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Convenience on the Go!

Are you tired of lugging around a bulky litter box when traveling with your pet?

Having the right bathroom set-up for your cat is one of the most important aspects of their daily care. 

Introducing the Portable Folding Travel Pet Litter Box, your ideal solution for hassle-free pet care while on the move.


Designed with portability and practicality in mind, this travel litter box ensures that your furry friend always has a clean, comfortable place to do their business, no matter where your adventures take you.

Perfect for road trips, vacations, or even just a day out, this innovative litter box is a must-have for any pet owner.

    Why You Need a Portable Folding Travel Pet Litter Box:

    1. Convenience on the Go:

      • Travel-Friendly: Designed to fit easily into your luggage or car, ensuring your pet has a designated space for their needs wherever you are.
      • Quick Setup: Effortless to assemble and disassemble, saving you time and hassle during travel.
    2. Maintains Hygiene:

      • Clean Environment: Keeps your pet's waste contained, preventing messes in unfamiliar places and maintaining cleanliness.
      • Easy to Clean: Water-resistant materials make it simple to wipe down and sanitize, ensuring a hygienic environment for your pet.
    3. Reduces Pet Stress:

      • Familiar Space: Provides a consistent and familiar place for your pet to use the bathroom, which can reduce anxiety and stress during travel.
      • Comfortable and Safe: Designed with your pet’s comfort in mind, offering a stable and secure place to do their business.
    4. Versatile Use:

      • Multi-Purpose: Ideal for various situations including road trips, vacations, hotel stays, camping, and even visits to friends or family.
      • Emergency Preparedness: Handy for unexpected situations where a traditional litter box is unavailable.
    5. Durability and Reliability:

      • High-Quality Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of travel with durable, long-lasting materials.
      • Secure and Sturdy: Ensures stability and prevents spills, giving you peace of mind that it will perform reliably.
    6. Eco-Friendly and Safe:

      • Non-Toxic Materials: Made from safe, environmentally friendly materials, ensuring your pet’s health and safety.
      • Reusable: Unlike disposable litter boxes, this portable version is reusable, making it a more sustainable option.
    7. A Must-Have for Pet Owners:

      • Essential Gear: Just like food, water, and bedding, a reliable litter box is essential for your pet’s comfort and well-being during travel.
      • Improved Travel Experience: Enhances the overall travel experience for both you and your pet by minimizing inconvenience and maximizing comfort.

    In summary, WagBox™  is an essential tool for any pet owner who travels. It combines practicality, hygiene, and comfort, ensuring that your pet's needs are met no matter where your journey takes you.


    • Foldable Design: Collapsible structure for convenient storage and transportation.

    • Water-Resistant Lining: Prevents leaks and makes cleaning a breeze.

    • Sturdy Frame: Ensures stability and prevents tipping, even with active pets.

    • Secure Zipper Closure: Keeps litter contained and prevents spills during transport.

    • Multiple Sizes: Available in various sizes to accommodate different breeds and travel needs.

    • Stylish Appearance: Modern design that complements your travel gear and home decor.

    Make travel with your pet easier and more enjoyable with the Portable Folding Travel Pet Litter Box – because your pet deserves comfort and convenience wherever you go.

    Package Includes:

    1* WagBox™ - Portable Litter Box for Travel (Foldable/Collapsible)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    Works great!

    I bought this for our cross country move. It was so much easier to take in and out of the car and hotel rooms than having his normal litter box. We had more car space. We have a big cat, and this was probably bigger than we needed, so I could have gotten a smaller size. I do wish I had a removable liner for the bottom, the urine really stuck to it, it was easy to scrub clean but in a time crunch, a liner would have been nice. Our cat is not picky, so he adjusted well to using this. The scoop that came with it, is much smaller than I am used to using and the slots are wider, so some things would fall through during clean up.

    The Alchemagician
    A life saver and space saver!

    Bought this for my 3 cats to use while traveling to our new home in PA from FL. It was easy to set up, they used it without any problems, and clean up was a breeze. Even my large male cat was able to use it with room left over. Highly recommended, and well worth the cost.

    Perfect for the average use case, small complaint about long term use

    I've been traveling with my cat for 3 months now, using this litter box the whole time. I love how it collapses and has a waterproof interior. The scoop is small, which is perfect for frequent travel, small spaces, and plane travel. I believe for 95%+ of use cases, this litter box is perfect.However, if you're traveling long term (3+ months) and plan to use this as your primary litter box, be aware of one thing - frequent clawing at the litter box will puncture small holes that make it virtually impossible to clean. I just bought a replacement, but trimmed my cat's nails before setting it up for use. I've had a hard time finding a portable scratching post my cat likes, but if I keep his nails trimmed I anticipate the replacement will last much longer. Also pro tip - it's probably way cheaper to buy litter at your destination than it is to pay the baggage fee to bring it with you. Even in tiny towns with virtually no pet products you can usually get food and litter.

    Highly Recommended

    Great idea. A cat pan that zips up and looks like a suitcase to carry into a hotel. However cat litter leaks out as you carry it so that pretty much defeats the purpose.

    Excellent product!!

    We used this on a five day road trip, and it worked great. No leaks, despite how much our cats scratched around in it. The only issue is that litter gets caught just inside the zipper, so it can be a little messy to open unless you shake it around first. It can also be difficult to use the zipper if too much litter is caught there.

    Convenient and study

    Purchased this for my last vacation since my mother was going to cat sit for me. Fits just about everything for her visit and stores away very well. Holds really good shape.

    Great for a cross-country move

    This was easy to fill up and pack in the car. It survived 4 hotels and a few days as the primary litter box. Easy to clean too! Some litter does get out, but not much. It was also better than buying disposable litter pans or something more bulky.