WagCalm™ - Calming Collar For Cats & Dogs (Max Stress-Relief)
WagCalm™ - Calming Collar For Cats & Dogs (Max Stress-Relief)
WagCalm™ - Calming Collar For Cats & Dogs (Max Stress-Relief)
WagCalm™ - Calming Collar For Cats & Dogs (Max Stress-Relief)
WagCalm™ - Calming Collar For Cats & Dogs (Max Stress-Relief)
WagCalm™ - Calming Collar For Cats & Dogs (Max Stress-Relief)
WagCalm™ - Calming Collar For Cats & Dogs (Max Stress-Relief)

WagCalm™ - Calming Collar For Cats & Dogs (Max Stress-Relief)

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Restlessness And Anxiety No More

Do your fur babies freak out for no reason?

8 out of 10 cats and dogs suffer fears, phobias, and anxieties that develop as a result of experiences in the first year of their life.

These anxieties usually get worse, or new concerns may develop when your pet is between 1 and 3 years old.

Here are some signs to look for:

  • Avoiding eye contact

  • Shifting body or head away

  • Holding their tail close to their body

  • Slight tail flicking

  • Partially dilated pupils 

For more than a decade we’ve worked side by side with leading pet experts and top universities researching safe, effective ways to help pets lead happier, less stressful lives.

Introducing our WagCalm

WagCalm™ is scientifically proven to reduce excessive meowing/barking, marking, and scratching.


  • REDUCE FEAR OF LOUD NOISE: Reduces the fear of loud noises, such as thunderstorms and fireworks.
  • REDUCE STRESS: Reduces excessive barking/meowing in dogs and cats.
  • ALL AGES: Perfect for Kittens, puppies, and older cats and dogs!
  • ELIMINATE UNWANTED BEHAVIOR: Helps stop inappropriate marking or unwanted scratching.
  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE: This calming collar is safe and effective when used as directed, without long-term side effects.
  • DRUG-FREE SOLUTION: Mimicking a mother’s natural nursing pheromones - 100% safe and drug-free.
  • 30 DAY RELEASE: Releases pheromones for up to 30 days.

While there are tons of different calming aids on the market, from relaxing pet beds to pheromone diffusers, a calming collar is one of the easiest ways to help ease your pet’s stress both at home and on the go.

 How to Use

1. Adjust collar to fit around cat’s/dog's neck by leaving approximately 1/4″ space between pet’s neck and collar.

2. Cut off the excess portion of the collar, leaving 2-3 inches for extra adjustment.

IMPORTANT: If your pets have never worn a collar before, please follow these instructions:

1. Apply the collar loosely around their neck and supervise them for 10 minutes.

2. If your pet tolerates the collar, tighten it enough so that you can fit two fingers in between the collar and their neck.

3. Supervise them for 30 minutes.

4. If your pet continues to tolerate the collar, you can leave it on them unsupervised.


Material: TPR (High-Grade Plastic)
Color: Purple
Size: 62cm/38cm
Weight: 33.5g/60g
Package Includes:
1x WagCalm™ Calming Collar


What activates the WagCalm™?

- Close contact with the dog’s or cat’s skin allows the release of the pheromones for 30 days.

What happens if a dog or cat eats or chews on the collar?

- The WagCalm™ is made of plastics, so there could be a foreign body reaction. There are no toxic substances in the collar itself.

Is the collar waterproof?

-Yes, if the collar gets wet, it should be taken off and wiped dry in order to maintain continual release of the pheromone. 

Is this safe for human contacts?

- Contact with the collar while on the dog or cat should not be a problem. 


 SAFEST Calming Collar on the Market!
✓ Effective for Easing Anxiety and Restlessness on pets!
 Veterinarian Rated 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
✓ Saves $$$ - More Affordable than an expensive Vet Visit + It's FREE Shipping
 Live Stress-FREE Knowing Your Pet's Health is in Good Hands
 Best Investment for Pet Lovers!
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BEWARE of Imitation Collars* 
(They are less effective and can cause harm to your pets)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Lynette Portera

These collars work quite well for my cat. And they make him smell wonderful.

Donetta B. Ludwick
Best thing ever!

Oh my gosh! This is the most amazing thing ever! Within 15 minutes of putting the collar on my cat, he was calm and laying in his bed. This collar is a lifesaver!

Leila Astrid
Works on grouchy cats

I got the dog one because I can cut it in half and have two cat collars. It's been a great thing, has reduced the stress levels in the multicat household by calming my serious grouch/bully. It did take a couple of days to get much effect, so be patient.

Elisabeth Stark
This actually works !

The only calming collar that works for my dog. I find this color helps calm him during thunderstorms and fireworks. He wears it every day and has helped him over the past few years. I’ve tried the other cheaper brands and the oils they use has caused rashes and hotspots

Works for very anxious dog

I got these for my very anxious GSD. I switched them out monthly as the directions said, and on the third month, I didn’t buy more and kinda forgot. Then my girl started acting awful; super anxious, and very annoying (I love her, but it’s true). I realized I hadn’t replaced her collar and got more. She’s back to being relaxed. This product definitely worked for us! Will definitely be buying more!

emily rasmusson
Extremely effective!!!!

Well, my little one has been chill and carefree for the past 72 hours since this arrived on my porch.

He hasn’t cared about the USPS man coming onto his porch or argued over bedtime.

Easy to measure and cut to fit for a month full of reduced anxiousness for your family member too!

Mel A******
Stopped aggression

This collar had amazing positive results on my cats! I have an older big cat, Ringo, who would continually stalk and attack the younger one, Leo, to the point where Leo would slink around the house and was peeing on the floor, afraid he'd be cornered in the litterbox. Ringo had done this to other senior male cats I'd had too (they have since passed), he's just a big bully! These collars arrived at 9:30am. At the time Ringo was 'staring down' Leo, who was trying to hide behind the door. I put a collar on both cats and by evening they were cuddling together (see picture--Ringo is the red cat, Leo the tabby-Leo climbed up on top). These two cats will never be without one of these collars!