WagChill™ - Dog Cooling Vest
WagChill™ - Dog Cooling Vest
WagChill™ - Dog Cooling Vest
WagChill™ - Dog Cooling Vest
WagChill™ - Dog Cooling Vest
WagChill™ - Dog Cooling Vest
WagChill™ - Dog Cooling Vest
WagChill™ - Dog Cooling Vest
WagChill™ - Dog Cooling Vest

WagChill™ - Dog Cooling Vest

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No More Hot Dogs


All the fun in the sun invites one dangerous party pooper lurking around the corner – the heat stroke. 

Dogs can suffer from overheating in hot weather, especially long or thick-coated breeds.

Heatstroke is life-threatening, remember that no product itself is enough when it’s boiling.

Warning signs of overheating

  • Excessive panting
  • Drooling
  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased breathing
  • Fatigue, lethargy

Always keep a close eye on the pet in warm weather, avoid excessive exercise, provide shade, and make sure your pet stays hydrated.

a dog vest provides an effective cooling effect for your dog, minimizing body heat and providing comfort even in the warmest weather.

Introducing our WagChill™

Many cool coats become rock solid when they dry but the WagChill™ is made from a high-tech mesh-type material that always stays soft and pliable. Your dog's skin stays cool but dry underneath the coat.


  •  Cooling Effect- Can help prevent canine heat stress and is perfect for trips and traveling in the heat.


  • Convenient to Use-  Soak the dog apparel with water, wring it out fully, then easily put it on your dog with the fastener and buckle, and also easy to take off.  No-pinch buckles to ensure the comfort of the dog (and you!)

  •  Comfortable To Wear - The surface mesh helps prevent UV, and has good breathability to evaporate water to take away heat. Made from durable ripstop nylon. Worry-free WagChill™ is filled with 100% water to keep your dog safe and cool.


  •  Durable - We consider the impact of large dogs when they move, so size XL-3XL has added a webbing design across the body, the dog can move freely without tearing the cooling vest 


  •  Easy to Use- WagChill™allows the dog to play healthy and happy in the hot summer, like walks, training, climbing, etc. Has only 3 easy steps to secure the vest on your dog.


  •  Lightweight-  The bottom cool fabric is light, breathable, and safe to bring cool comfort to the pet. Small to pack away, easy to put on, and durable for your dog. Lightweight for peak comfort and effectiveness.


  • Suitable for most Dogs-  Sizes from S to XL and adjustable for different shaped dogs so there is sure to be a cooling shirt size that will fit your pup, large or small. Please measure your dog's back, chest, and neck before ordering. (Use our chart to select the appropriate size for your dog).

How To Use

Step 1: Soak the product in water.

Step 2: Wring out the water until the product does not drip.

Step 3: Put the product on the dog.

If necessary, you can repeat this step of wetting the product

Care Instructions: Warm machine wash separately. Do not add fabric softener. Line dry in shade. No Ironing. No dry cleaning.


Materials: Polyester

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple

Package Includes:

1x Dog Cooling Vest


 So do I just pour water directly onto the vest?

-Just wet it under the tap and wring it out. Place on the pet. If the vest needs rewetting during the walk then add some water from a bottle. 

What's an appropriate size for a Boxer breed?

-Please measure your Boxer's chest width and follow the size chart. We suggest XL for an adult Boxer

Is there a place to hook a leash or lead on the back of the vest?

-Yes - two loops that you can fasten a leash hook through. But what my dog and I are not happy with is he has to step into it.

Can you wash it in the washing machine?

-Yes, but with a gentle cycle only. We would recommend hand washing this item, with mild detergent, lukewarm or cold water.

About how long will this keep cool?

-About 2 hours.



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BEWARE of Imitation Devices* 
(They are less effective and can cause harm to your pets)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jana S.
5.0 out of 5 stars Exactly what the little dude needed!

This is Moby. He feels the heat. Morning walks aren’t so bad because it is cooler and the grass is wet. He is a little wildman and loves going for long walks to the park in the afternoon. This vest works perfectly! I ran it under cold water and put it in the freezer for a couple of minutes. It is easy to put on (zipper on top) the metal loops are nice and as secure as his harness. For reference I got a medium - he is about 28 lbs and there is still room. Makes all the difference. It was still cool after 45 minutes. Awesome product.

Freddie G.
Great for hot days

My black lab mix likes to be active, but gets hot extremely fast because of her fur color. We use it mainly for walks and hikes where there isn’t a river or lake that she can cool down in, and it works pretty well. I soak it in cold water and put it in a ziplock and it will stay cool for an hour or so. It does drip initially, but that’s not an issue. The vest seems a bit loose(good length-wise) but most items are because she is quite trim. If you have a rounder dog they also have a second zipper for some breathing room! It does have a buckle, but I wouldn’t trust it and just use her collar and leash. Overall, a very well made item!

M L. Swedberg
A cooling gamechanger for our hot dog!

This cooling vest has made hiking in hot weather enjoyable and possible for our dog who previously overheated very quickly! Before he wore this vest, we had to keep our hikes very short, our dog would stop in the shade often, and he drank copious amounts of water. Wearing the vest, however, he just forged on with us without stopping for miles on a 90+ degree day. At the end of his first hike wearing the vest, I was surprised when I felt how cool his torso was underneath the vest compared to the hot temperature of his limbs. The vest appears very well made, delivers cooling as promised, and our hiking family is completely thrilled with this purchase!

Absolutely works!

I bought this for my dog. He has black fur that soaks up the sun from the second he goes outside. This vest has really helped him on our walks by keeping his core cold and covered. I have noticed that he doesn’t pant as much or as hard during the walk and that it doesn’t take him as long to cool off once we’re back inside. I was nervous about whether the hooks on the vest would be able to hold him without a proper harness as well, but so far so good! Definitely recommend!

Diane Schweitzer
No more panting!!!

While the heat is 116 in Arizona, Teddy is keeping cool. No more panting & continues to take his walk in the shade. Very sturdy & good fit. Great purchase!!

Shane Shane
Tested and approved!

My dog becomes easily overheated in the Arizona sun. We purchased the WagChill to make it more comfortable for her to go on walks. The vest works quite well. We bring along a couple of bottles of water to recharge the vest when needed. Now she enjoys her walks on the warmer days.

Christian Sanders
Absolutely works!

We’ve only done two walks with it so far, but it’s already been fantastic. My Staffy hates heat above 75, and especially with the warm sun in LA, she’s been miserable on any walk during the day for the last few weeks. I was completely skeptical that this would help, it seemed thick and sounded sketchy, but it absolutely works. We just went on a 30 minute walk in 75 degree weather with a strong warm sun, which would normally involve lots of hiding in the shade and panting hard when we got home, but she stayed cool as a cucumber. Her chest measured around 30 inches, and the L size is snug but not too tight.