WagComb™ -  Electric Flea Comb
WagComb™ -  Electric Flea Comb
WagComb™ -  Electric Flea Comb
WagComb™ -  Electric Flea Comb
WagComb™ -  Electric Flea Comb
WagComb™ -  Electric Flea Comb
WagComb™ -  Electric Flea Comb

WagComb™ - Electric Flea Comb

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Don't want your furry friend to suffer from endless itching and scratching or even fatal flea allergy dermatitis?

Flea bites are painful for your pet and can cause scratching and biting. Even worse, your pet can develop flea allergy dermatitis, causing discomfort.

Introducing the Revolutionary WagComb™

*Kills fleas without using pesticides or chemicals*


Chemical-FREE: Shampoos and baths use chemicals that can be harmful or irritating to your pet. WagComb™ uses a safe electric charge to kill and remove fleas without using chemicals.
Stops The Spread: Just 2 fleas can quickly reproduce and take over your home!
WagComb™ kills fleas & their eggs at the source to end and prevent future infestations.

    Easy To Use: WagComb™ gets rid of fleas with easy grooming, keeping your pet safe, healthy, and happy!

      Purfect For Dogs & Cats: WagComb™ effectively kills and removes fleas from cats and dogs of nearly all breeds, ages, and coat lengths.

        HOW IT WORKS


        Material: Plastic
        Product Size: 240 X 170 X 30 mm / 94.5 X 67 / 11.8 inch
        Battery: 2 X AA batteries (Not Included)


        Can the animal get shocked by this product?

        Possibly when there are soft folds of skin and/or the coat is wet. The shock is not harmful to the pet.

        Does it use batteries or rechargeable?

        - The WagComb  operates on 2 AA batteries.

        Is it noisy or does it buzz?

        It doesn't buzz. It only emits a soft, intermittent beep.

        Does it cut the dog's hair? Can you use it for lice on humans?

        It doesn't cut the dog's hair (fur). You cannot use it on humans.


        ✓ Best Electric Flea Comb on the Market (More Safe and Effective compared to others)
        ✓ Best Investment for Pet Lovers!
         Veterinarian Rated 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
         Risk-FREE - More Affordable than an expensive Vet Visit + It's FREE Shipping
        ✓ Effective for Keeping Fleas and Ticks Off Your Pet
        ✓ Live Stress-FREE Knowing Your Pet's Health is in Good Hands
        🐶 Order Now & Stop Deadly Parasites! 🐈



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        BEWARE of Imitation Devices* 
        (They are less effective and can cause harm to your pets)
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        UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention and COVID 19, we're running extremely low on these and delivery times might take 5-25 days, so hurry and Buy Now before it's all gone
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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 11 reviews
        Robin P.
        Inexpensive to buy, operate, and it REALLY works!

        Actually, I am not the one who uses this. I bought this item for my son out in Oregon, who has two cats and a dog. He says it works likes magic! It doesn’t cause the animals any discomfort, it rids them of their fleas, and it’s cheap to operate (batteries).
        I am SO glad I bought this for them!

        Mathew F.
        Life changing!

        This thing helped us tremendously! Our dog had fleas pretty bad and we had got him flea collars, combs, and shampoos and nothing really helped him. We got this and we bathed him really good and then used this on him and we killed so many. He will allow us to use this anytime because he knows it helps him. Our cats also allow us to use it on them although they don’t have many at all. Highly recommend!!

        Billie B.

        Good product. Works well. Wish a larger option was available for long hair large dogs.

        Loise J.

        I LOVE this product!!!!! I thought my dogs didn’t have fleas cause I could never find any on them. They would constantly scratch. I thought the problem was that they had a seasonal allergy. One of them does and she has to be given a depo shot every spring. Unfortunately, she and her brother kept scratching. I saw the flea doctor on here scrolling one day and decided to get it to see if maybe my dogs had fleas. To my surprise they did and this helped find them. I love how it doesn’t make much noise and when it finds a flea it zaps it! It’s AMAZING!!!!! My dogs love to be brushed with it too!!!!!

        Jerry C.
        Highly recommended

        It really works. One of my two little yorkies doesn’t care for it, so, I run the comb through his hair with the comb off, then quickly turn it on if I see a flea on the comb. This yorkie was abused and has anxiety issues, not surprised he won’t sit still with the comb on. Every flea this comb has come across while on has been killed or so stunned it’s easy to dispose of it. I recommend this product, no chemicals, the best solution for us!

        Florida N.
        flea comb

        Cat was affected by occasional fleas. I combed the cat with a flea doctor comb. The cat was very quiet during the process since it was just a gentle combing. The flea comb makes a soft clicking noise while in use. Just combed through cat fur and there were a few louder clicks but cat didn't react. I can comb cat daily if desired and cat is comfortable with the soft clicking noise. Haven't noticed cat scratching since I combed her and the two louder clicks occurred. Seems to work and cat permits it.

        Claudia G.

        My cat loves this! She sees in it our hand and immediately lays down and she purrs the whole time. It works super easily and is effective at killing the fleas. I rather use this than to give her a edible flea poison tablet with side effects.
        I will add that for some reason my cat doesn't like when I brush her with it but loves when my brother does. So if your cat doesn't like it, I suggest you let someone else give it a try before giving up. It may come down to brushing technique or favorite person, lol. I'm happy as long as our cat lets one of us keep her clean.
        Also, it does make a soft beeping noise while you are using it. Not a constant long beep but more like beep........beep.......beep. It was very soft and didn't bother our cat.