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WagDryer™ - Pet Box Dryer for Dogs & Cats
WagDryer™ - Pet Box Dryer for Dogs & Cats
WagDryer™ - Pet Box Dryer for Dogs & Cats
WagDryer™ - Pet Box Dryer for Dogs & Cats
WagDryer™ - Pet Box Dryer for Dogs & Cats
WagDryer™ - Pet Box Dryer for Dogs & Cats

WagDryer™ - Pet Box Dryer for Dogs & Cats

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The Best Way To Dry Your Pet At Home


Are you tired of your wet pets leaving smelly wet spots on your furniture?
Do you avoid hugging your pets until they get fully dry?
Dogs and cats even rabbits come in all shapes and sizes. One thing is true for all of them though — at some point, all of them are going to get wet.
When it comes to drying them, you need the right grooming equipment to help make it easier.

Introducing the new WagDryer™

Your pets are special friends of the family, and you need to make sure they are comfortable with a dryer.
Also, it can be a great way to spend time with them.
WagDryer™ not only helps to keep the fur healthy, but it’s a great time to bond with your pet. It’s an intimate moment you get to share because you’re tending to your pet’s skin.
  • Ultimate Drying Solution-  WagDryer™ is a groundbreaking futuristic invention designed solely for pets to address the drying pain after bathing by a group of R&D professionals in Precision Medical Device. Testified by over 100,000 global pet lovers and pets, the dryer has won wide recognition for its safety, comfort, efficiency, and scientific design.
  • Comprehensive Drying- Powerful airflows come from the bottom to suit the pet’s prone position and facilitate even coverage of any hard-to-reach areas while the drying time can be significantly reduced. Easily customize temperature, heat intensity, blowing speed, and drying time with the control panel.
  • Worry-free Ventilation- Our patented motor together with hundreds of venting holes guarantees sufficient air ventilation and exchange so that hot air can be emitted directly and fresh air can be replaced immediately to ensure coziness in an enclosed environment.
  • At Home Professional Grooming- Unlike traditional hair dryers operated at 150℉(65℃) without even heat distribution, our embedded sensor enables constant temperature control so each time your furkid enjoys an even drying without getting over-heat. Negative ions are released to act as a professional groomer to make pet hair sleek and fluffy.
  • Doubling as Pet Bed- WagDryer™ also serves as a perfect bed in heat mode and cool mode with the petting doors detached, which are designed for interaction with your pet for comforting purposes. A quality pet mattress comes with a dryer to add extra comfort. Interior dimension (inch): 16.2L*13.7W*14.1H.
 How To Use

Power switch button

1. Click Turn on, and the device turns on

2. Click Close to shut down the device

3. Click power during operation to enter standby mode, and shut down after 1 minute without operation

 There are 2 drying modes.

The user clicks the "Drying" button on the device side, the default is to enter "Short Hair Drying", click to switch to "Long Hair Drying", then click to switch to "Short Hair Drying", and so on. Drying for long hair is 90 minutes (tentative), and drying for short hair is 60 minutes (tentative). The default drying time depends on the test results.

The drying temperature depends on the test results

 When drying begins, the lighting lamp is turned on immediately, and when the drying is over, the lighting lamp is turned off immediately

PTC heater

1. After starting to dry for 5 seconds, the PTC heater is turned on and slowly heats up, and then the temperature in the box must be kept at 38.5°C. The fan will start running 15 seconds after the PTC is turned on.

2. 2 minutes before the end of the operation, the PTC stops heating, and the negative ions are released for 2 minutes after the mode is turned on, and then released once every 10 minutes, once for 2 minutes.


1. There is a short tone when you click the button

2. When the drying is over, the buzzer will emit 10 consecutive "dididi" to notify the user of the end of the drying.


1. After the drying starts, the fan will start running 15s after the PTC is turned on, and the wind speed will gradually increase to 2 gears within 10 seconds.

2. 1 minute before the end of the drying countdown, the fan stops running

Ozone physical button

1. Long press for 5 seconds to turn on the ozone mode, click the power button to exit

2. Before the ozone operation, make sure that there are no living things in the cabin

3. The longest time of ozone operation is 20min

4. When the ozone is running, the operating wind speed and drying are invalid

Note: Hygienic standard for ozone in indoor air GB/T 18202-2000. This standard is expressed in terms of time concentration. The average maximum allowable concentration in 1 hour is 0.1mg/m³. The default disinfection time depends on the test results.

Wind speed physical button

1. There are 3 levels of wind speed, after turning on the drying, it will gradually increase to level 2 within 10 seconds and remain unchanged

3. The default is 2 gears, click to adjust the wind speed gears, rotate to the right to increase by 1 gear, and to the left to decrease by 1 gear, every time there is a sense of pause.

How to set the time.

1. Rotate the time knob to the left, and perform subtraction based on the current time (multiple of 5)

2. Rotate the time knob to the right, and add on the basis of the current time (multiple of 5)

Care solution

The care solution will be sprayed once 5 minutes after the beginning of the drying and 10 minutes before the end, 2 times in total, 15s each time. The time is to be determined for 15s. Follow-up adjustments will be made according to the test.

Pet requirements

Suitable for cats and small dogs, of which cats support under 9kg, and dogs support under 9kg.

The care solution will be sprayed once 5 minutes after the beginning of drying and 10 minutes before the end, 2 times in total, each 15s can be used according to the test results; the release time depends on the test results.


Material: ABS Internal
Capacity: 50L
Rated Power: 900 
Voltage: 220V 
Frequency: 50Hz

Capacity 60L can hold about 1 cat under 9kg Product size (mm) 502*442*467 L*W*H 

Package Contents:

1 x Pet Drying Box

1 x Manual

1 x Power Cable


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UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention and COVID-19, we're running low on these, so hurry or you will have to wait 8+ days for us to manufacture them and then ship
Delivery times might take 5-14 business days due to COVID19, Shipped From USA*

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
hair dryer for cats

I was skeptical at first but this was amazing!! One of the best financial decisions of my life!
I have 2 long-haired cats who absolutely hate the dryer. Every shower is a battle, literally. I’ve only used the lowest 2 levels and my cats have been calm in the box. This saved me time and unnecessary stress on my cats.

Xian Tiu

This is such a lifesaver! My cat used to escape from the hairdryer a lot. Now I don’t have to worry about him getting cold or any skin issues.


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