WagFence™ - 3-in-1 Wireless Dog Fence Invisible Training System (WaterProof)
WagFence™ - 3-in-1 Wireless Dog Fence Invisible Training System (WaterProof)
WagFence™ - 3-in-1 Wireless Dog Fence Invisible Training System (WaterProof)
WagFence™ - 3-in-1 Wireless Dog Fence Invisible Training System (WaterProof)
WagFence™ - 3-in-1 Wireless Dog Fence Invisible Training System (WaterProof)
WagFence™ - 3-in-1 Wireless Dog Fence Invisible Training System (WaterProof)

WagFence™ - 3-in-1 Wireless Dog Fence Invisible Training System (WaterProof)

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 Keep Your Pet Safely Close To Home.



Millions of dogs are killed on the roads each year because cars simply don’t see them.
Your yard might be small. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep your pet on a short leash.

Keep pets safe with WagFence™

It doesn’t hurt; it’s simply a training aid that helps you teach your dog to stay within the boundaries of your yard.
So, relax. And let your pet make the most of your (not-so-squared) yardage.


  • Smart Training System: Never worry about anything when you go outside. It can be widely used for dog training at home or on field trips.
  • Wireless: WagFence™ completely got rid of the trouble of wiring, and it’s very convenient to establish a safe area for pet activities. With 100 levels of transmitter signal intensity to adjust the remote control range. Its remote control range is a circular area with a radius of 82-1620ft. Finally, your dog can go everywhere freely and safely. 

  • Rechargeable & WaterProof: WagFence™ is rechargeable, and it is made of IP67 waterproof material, which means your dog can get wet in the grass, and mess with the sprinkler or play in the rain. 

  • Safe: Operates at a voltage of 3.7V and emits static electricity, it will not harm the dog and its hair at all. The wireless design of the product can deal with all kinds of terrain. 

  • Fits Most Size Dogs: The adjustable collar of an electric dog fence allows you to create a perfect fit for your pet

  • Works everywhere: You can easily take the wireless fence system along on a weekend trip and use it in an unfamiliar location for your pet.


How It Works

  1. The system will start up automatically while your dog is running beyond the setting control range, the receiver will start working by issuing warning sounds every 2 seconds.
  2. Start static shock at a low level after the third warning sound and increase the intensity of static shock gradually
  3. If your dogs keep staying outside the specified area, the receiver will stop shocking after the third cycle to prevent your dog from excessive punishment.
Warm Note:
Please read the manual carefully before use. If your dog has been going back to the safety area but the beep sound still working, just increase the signal level then the beep sound will stop working.
You should put the transmitter high enough and open enough to make sure there is no barrier between transmitter and receiver.
Package Includs:
1/2/3 x Wireless Receiver
1/2/3 x Adjustable Neck Strap
1 x DC -USB Charging Cable
1 x Power Adapter 
4/8/12 x Metal Contact Probes
1/2/3 x LED Test Light 
2 x Screws 
2 x Plastic Anchors
1 x User Manual


Does it fit small dogs or hairy dogs?

- The collar is perfect for any size. Just adjust the strap length to fit your dog’s neck size. The hairy or trimmed collar can reach your dog’s neck perfectly. Just attach the prong extender to the collar for your furry friend, that way it reaches their neck.

 How long does the charge last on the receiver?

- The charge lasts about 10 hours. Have in mind that if you have a lot of metal in the area the collar will tend to turn off

 Does the system work for square and rectangular yards?

- The collar works for all types of terrain and yards. Even if your yard is sloped or has hills the transmitter works perfectly for the perimeter.

 If mounted inside, does the house become an obstacle or block the transmitter?

No, your house will not interfere with the signal. The built-in signal can even go through thick foliage and other items such as concrete and wooden walls. The signal penetrates obstacles easily ensuring a constant signal to the collar. This does not require WiFi or cellphone service to achieve. Turn on and pair, and you’re ready to go. 


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BEWARE of Imitation Devices* 
(They are less effective and can cause harm to your pets)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
J. Bailey
Perfect for country living!!!

We love this! Lily is a hound, we don't have a fence and she is a handful!! Fencing our property would've been so costly that we thought we'd give it a whirl. It's so great I recommend it to everyone I know!! She is wearing two collars the wireless fence and a training collar

Larry t.
JT the MAN Dog

Excellent. I bought two to cover about three acres, gives JT, a shepherd, plenty of playing room.

Cynthia Beckham
This little sucker is awesome

This dog, is the biggest derpiest derp you will ever meet. He’s going through his adolescence and has decided to rebel against his mom. We purchased this cause he’s too hard headed for his own good and screaming pizza ( pizza is the food item we use to trick him into coming back home like a good boi, but he doesn’t get the aforementioned pizza) at him sometimes, almost never works anymore. We took him for a leisurely stroll, by leisurely we mean a massive case of the zoomies- and a tacit refusal to listen to his mom. He broke perimeter- luckily he came back safely as there is no penalty for coming back inside the perimeterI told my daughter - he’s too hard headed to let him off lightly- he’s going to have to learn the hard way. She turned it up to max level. It was just a matter of time before someone came to the house and he thought he would chase the car down the drive way His mom knows exactly where it begins beeping (thanks to those handy dandy flags) and also where it becomes a little more aggressive.Cerberus now knows too.He ignored the gentle beeping and even picked up speed He now knows that he shouldn’t go further than the beeps. Dogs aren’t meant to turn cartwheels- which is what Mr. Man did. Right before he decided to come back to the porch and lay his butt down I know some people will think is cruel. But the dog is safe- not stuck in a kennel or pen for the bulk of his days and he knows the rules. Which is, I think, a win for all of us. Sometimes the best lessons are the ones we learn the hardest.

miguel monterde
Best wireless system EVER

I've tried at least 5 systems and this one is by far the best one. The battery life is amazing 👏. It's been a week and stillNot needed to charge. The sound it makes gives my dog a chance to stop before shocking him. The lowest level was good enough. I absolutely love it. Well worth the money 💰🤑👌😏