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Wag n' Roll™ - Cat Scratching Ball (Original)

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Less Furniture Damage, More Fun!


Seeing your cat’s lazy butt rolling on the floor 24/7 is enough to make you feel tired and lethargic too...

Cole And Marmalade Kneading GIF - Cole And Marmalade Kneading Scratching GIFs

Cats are keen scratchers, doing so to mark their territory and sharpen their claws. As this is natural behavior, it is extremely difficult to stop it altogether.

Without the appropriate toys, your cat will try to turn belongings such as shoes and furniture into toys.

Let your cat scratch this rope ball instead of damaging your furniture.

Introducing the Wag n' Roll™

The Wag n' Roll™ is suitable for a pet's healthy physical development. Besides, this scratching board can also be used as a cat bed or a toy, which is so convenient for you.

Cats can't resist the scratching, digging, and rolling fun.


  • Enjoyment for the cat: Let your feline roll the ball without the worry of breaking it. This fun ball stays in one place while rotating like a spinner and giving maximum joy to your pet.
  • Furniture protector: Cats can be annoying, especially when your furniture is prey to their claws. Protect your furniture by letting your four-legged friend play with this scratching ball.
  • Ideal build to withstand scratching: It is perfect for coping with your cat’s instincts of scratching, clawing, and biting things. The hemp rope build makes it robust against the sharp nails and teeth of cats.
  • Healthy cat: This cat toy is ideal to entertain and keep your cat active for a longer duration, which helps to improve their physical health. The enjoyment and playful time also help lighten the cat’s mood and improve mental health.
  • Easy installation: This product is easy to assemble, simply insert the spring into the hole, then tie it up with the string.

Wag n' Roll™ has an inner ball that spins freely.

Cat Scratching Ball - denteeq.com
The sleek design fits almost anywhere, perfect for playtime or naptime.

Cat Scratching Ball - denteeq.com

Our Wag n' Roll™ - Cat Scratching Ball is your ideal choice for your lovely pet's indoor games.
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BEWARE of Imitation Beds* 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Chanel Bennett
Easy Assembly

I was super impressed that it even came with a screwdriver for easy assembly! My cats are loving their scratcher and the included mice!

Rana Makki
My cat gets really silly playing with this toy

My cat did not like this toy at first, but a couple of days later he started to really get into it :) good distraction. Very easy to assemble.

Bella Queen
Furniture Saver

I have tried multiple types of scratching posts over the years. The most effective ones were the cardboard -- which is messy, needs to be replaced, and doused in catnip fairly regularly to get their attention. I had not even put this together before one of my cats was scratching at it. No catnip was needed. They were scratching the post immediately. The amount of scratching on our furniture has significantly reduced -- which was exactly the objective! Yippee! I will certainly be purchasing another when this one wears out.

J. Dizon
Great decoration

Great quality. the screwdriver comes with the package, very simple to install. My cat enjoys scratching it. it's also a cute design for decoration in the room.

Tammy D.
High Quality Cats Toy

Very easy to install. The screwdriver comes with the item, so sweet!!
Really good quantity and hope my cat likes it!

Cara Davis
Cute cat toy!

Cute cat toy. Sturdy. Very easy to assemble. The cat was not interested in it at first but now he plays with it when he thinks we are not looking. He enjoys it.

T. Rispoli
Better than I thought!

I like this one since unlike others, it has two more scratching poles for the two feet. My cat is still small and was scared of it, but a little catnip helped to get him to play with it.

Easy to assemble and doesn't rattle. The ball spins freely, the feet don't rotate.