Wagonic™ - Portable Ultrasonic Insect Repellant
Wagonic™ - Portable Ultrasonic Insect Repellant
Wagonic™ - Portable Ultrasonic Insect Repellant
Wagonic™ - Portable Ultrasonic Insect Repellant
Wagonic™ - Portable Ultrasonic Insect Repellant
Wagonic™ - Portable Ultrasonic Insect Repellant
Wagonic™ - Portable Ultrasonic Insect Repellant
Wagonic™ - Portable Ultrasonic Insect Repellant

Wagonic™ - Portable Ultrasonic Insect Repellant

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Why is protection against bugs so important nowadays?

Pests can carry a lot of different viruses & bacteria, when they suck blood, they can transmit them.

One bite is enough to be infected. 

The most important bugs-borne diseases are Lyme, Dengue & TBE (tick-borne encephalitis) disease.

Spring & Summer is when they thrive, looking for ways to feed themselves.

Introducing the Wagonic™

Wagonic™ uses the newest ultrasonic & electromagnetic waves to drive away:

  • rodents like mice & rats
  • insects like ants & cockroaches
  • mosquitoes, fruit flies & gnats
  • flea & ticks
  • spiders

The ultrasonic waves are unheard to humans or animals 🔇

  • 6-Band Ultrasonic Frequency: Using variable frequency that is inaudible to humans and pets, Wagonic STILL keeps fleas, ticks, and mosquitos AWAY!

Perfect for Anywhere

Protect your family and pets from pests that may bring harm 

Water Resistant: Splashes of water on Wagonic are fine but do not submerge.

 Here are some situations where this device is best applicable:

  • Pets: Simply attach Wagonic™ to your pet's collar when outside.
  • School: Easily attach the Wagonic™ to your kid’s bag and feel secure that the kids are protected from mosquitoes when they are at school.
  • Work Place: Have your wife or husband or even your adult children hang the Wagonic™ on the windows of their office space to keep mosquitos away.
  • Camping: Whether your kids are going on a camping trip or your and your friends’ Wagonic™ handy is perfect so that everyone will be safe from mosquito bites especially when you are staying outdoors.
  • Home Use: Hang this Wagonic™ on all of your rooms and feel safe that every corner of your home is mosquito-free thus keeping away germs that may be brought about by this insect.
  • USB Rechargeable – Use any USB ports and fast charge Wagonic™ instantly. You can use your mobile phone charger, power bank, or socket charger.


  • Effective range: 100-700 square ft. (20ft. from you)
  • Output frequency: 13KHz ~ 95KHz
  • Material composition: ABS
  • Working current: 1.8MA
  • Battery capacity: 100mAh (Lasts for a full day)
  • Charging method: USB charging (support fast charging)
  • Item size: 4.45 * 1.25 * 6.2cm /1.75*0.49*2.44in
  • Item weight: 30g /1.05oz


✓ Best Portable Ultrasonic Insect Repellant on the Market (More Safe and Effective compared to others)
✓ Best Investment for Outdoor Lovers!
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✓ Effective for Keeping Dangerous Pest Off Yourself
✓ Live Stress-FREE Knowing Your Health is in Good Hands
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BEWARE of Imitation Devices* 
(They are less effective and can cause harm to yourself)
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UPDATEDue to the huge increase in social media attention we're running extremely low on Wagonic and delivery times might take 2-3 weeks, so hurry and Buy Now before it's all gone
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Denise G.
It works!

This product works well and just as described. It repels mosquitos! I prefer to use this instead of chemicals that you spray on your body from a can.

Destiny L.
I am so amazed by it

I had a serious roach problem in my basement. The ortho home defense spray I use works well, but I didn't want to sweep up all the dead roaches anymore so I gave this a try.
It works!! I have not seen a dead roach since I use this in

Jerry D.
It works great

What I love about this 2 pack I bought is it actually work!!! It shipped super fast and I had no problem setting this up. It comes with charging cables so you can set them up easily. My wife and daughter always attract mosquitoes not any more

Mar B.

Got these a few days ago. Works well so far!

Drew D.
It's a keeper! It really does work!

It really does work! Especially with gnats. I put it on the gnats stayed away. Took it off just to test to see if it was really making a difference and sure enough they started to swarm. This little gadget is a keeper.

Jo L.
Easy to use, fast charging, works like a charm

I was skeptical when I bought this, but it seems to be a good buy. The unit is relatively small and charges quite fast. It is easy to use, but wish there's a light when it is turn on. I am one of those people who get most of the mosquito bites even when I travel in a group. I am so glad I don't have to worry about that anymore.

Barbara Lane
Five Stars!!

The product was what I expected and it arrived on time.