WagPool™ - Splash Sprinkling Dog Pool
WagPool™ - Splash Sprinkling Dog Pool
WagPool™ - Splash Sprinkling Dog Pool
WagPool™ - Splash Sprinkling Dog Pool
WagPool™ - Splash Sprinkling Dog Pool
WagPool™ - Splash Sprinkling Dog Pool
WagPool™ - Splash Sprinkling Dog Pool

WagPool™ - Splash Sprinkling Dog Pool

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Beat The Heat This Summer


Is the blistering summer heat making your fur kid tired and dehydrated?

Warning signs of overheating

  • Excessive panting
  • Drooling
  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased breathing
  • Fatigue, lethargy

We have the purfect solution!

Get your furry pal this sprinkler pad and they'll be splashing around in the water on those really hot summer days, cooling off.

Introducing our WagPool™


Prevents dehydration: All pets love to soak up that sun while they still can but a major problem they face is dehydration. WagPool™ prevents this by providing both – summer fun and hydration in a single, exciting package!

Easy To Setup: Just connect the water pipe to the mat using the connector and fill it with water. When you’re done with the fun, you can easily drain the water, wash the mat and hang it to dry.

Kid-friendly: Why should your pets have all the fun? Now all your little ones can make the most of their summer breaks with the WagPool™!

Safe: WagPool™ is made of safe PVC and is also BPA-free. The non-slip material makes it extremely safe for both – your pets and your kids.

Durable: WagPool™ is made of double-layer, high-quality PVC - making it sturdy to not only withstand but also encourage the long hours of summer frolicking!

Perfect for any occasion: The mat is a perfect outdoor addition to your lawn or for children’s summer parties. It is suitable for lawns, gardens, swimming pools, parties, and all kinds of celebrations and it makes the perfect gift for anyone with pets and/or kids!

Easy 4-Step Installation

  1. Put the gasket on the connector
  2. Install the water pipe connector
  3. Connect the water pipe to the mat
  4. Attach the water pipe to the faucet and fill the mat with water 


1. Please TRIM your dogs' nails before using the dog splash pad.

2. If your garden hose has a 3/4" fitting, you don't need to use the yellow connector accessorize, it could be connected directly to the dog sprinkle pad. (The yellow fitting accessorize is for 0.63" ID hose without fitting)


  • Small - 39 INCH (100x100cm)  - For multiple small dogs
  • Medium - 59 INCH (150x150cm) - For one large dog or multiple medium dogs
  • Large - 67 INCH (170x170cm) - For multiple large dogs


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How much does it weigh - empty?
Around 5-10 lbs

How do you pump the air in the sprinkler?
You don't pump air. You just connect it to a hose and the water fills it up and comes out of the holes to create the sprinkler. There is a connector built-in, so you just need a hose.

What is the diameter of this splash pool?
it is about 51" in diameter for the L size. Please see the size guide below.

Can I use a regular water hose with this?
Yes! You can use a regular hose.


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UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention delivery times might take 5-14 business days
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Doggy Wagpool

Our dog loved it! It was sturdy and durable i for sure thought he was going to ruin it in second but he didn’t. This would also be good to use for toddlers you want to enjoy some water fun in the sun!

E. Clark
Amazing treat for your pup!

This is perfect for a hot day and a hot pup! I had never introduced my pup to water besides bathing, and he loved it immediately. The water spray can be adjusted via the hose pressure if you are wanting to introduce the water slowly. I highly recommend this! Sturdy and well worth the money!

I think my dog loves me more now!

I think this is the best thing I’ve ever gotten for my dog! He plays with the splash pad for hours, whether he’s trying to bite the sprinkler stream, blowing bubbles under the water, or running around in circles.

Best Summer Dog Toy we have ever bought.

Heavy duty. Beloved by our German Shepherd. I had to get a leash on her to get her to leave it. She had a great time. I highly recommend it!

Rynna Mayes
Awesome pool , Lily Love It.

This is the best pool ever, just look at the pictures, my dog Lily loves her pool and has been in it almost every day, it's been great to see her so happy and stay cool in these hot temps. here in Michigan. If your dog loves water, this is the pool to get, the round tube fills with water and becomes a sprinkler that fills up the pool about 5 or more inches, and the dogs can't slip and fall with the super non-slip bottom. Awesome Pool!

TL Quinn
My pup's new favorite toy!

I bought this on a whim. My dog is obsessed with the hose but it gets tiresome (boring) holding the hose for him. I wasn't sure if he's like this so opted for the smallest size (dog us about 55lbs). It took a while for the tube to fill up and start spraying water but man, when it did, leaps of joy were plenty.

His nails aren't that short and he did already puncture about three extra holes in the sides - didn't seem to bother him, just meant more water spray! If they get bad, I'll use the patch kit and maybe eventually upgrade to a bigger size. For the price and the amount of joy it brought, I'd gladly buy a new one each year.

Great Sprinkler Pool

My fur kids loved this sprinkler pool. I have two large dogs that chew up everything so durability was everything for me. I monitor their use so they don’t rip it up but it’s durable for their RUFF house play. The only downside I did not consider is it’s a continuous flow so once the pool is filled, it’s a lot of water in the yard is wasted. But that is not negative on the product, that is me being dumb and not thinking it through. But my fur kids love it and that is why I bought so looking at it as easy lawn watering tool.