WagScratchPad™ - Anti-Cat Scratching Pad (Climbing Frame Protection)
WagScratchPad™ - Anti-Cat Scratching Pad (Climbing Frame Protection)
WagScratchPad™ - Anti-Cat Scratching Pad (Climbing Frame Protection)
WagScratchPad™ - Anti-Cat Scratching Pad (Climbing Frame Protection)
WagScratchPad™ - Anti-Cat Scratching Pad (Climbing Frame Protection)
WagScratchPad™ - Anti-Cat Scratching Pad (Climbing Frame Protection)
WagScratchPad™ - Anti-Cat Scratching Pad (Climbing Frame Protection)
WagScratchPad™ - Anti-Cat Scratching Pad (Climbing Frame Protection)
WagScratchPad™ - Anti-Cat Scratching Pad (Climbing Frame Protection)
WagScratchPad™ - Anti-Cat Scratching Pad (Climbing Frame Protection)
WagScratchPad™ - Anti-Cat Scratching Pad (Climbing Frame Protection)

WagScratchPad™ - Anti-Cat Scratching Pad (Climbing Frame Protection)

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Tired of Shredded Furniture?

Solve Your Cat's Scratching Problem Today!

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Cats scratch couches and other furniture for several reasons, primarily driven by their natural instincts and behaviors:

  • Territorial Marking: Cats have scent glands in their paws, and scratching helps them mark their territory by leaving both visual and scent markers. By scratching the couch, they're essentially claiming it as their own.
  • Maintaining Claws: Scratching helps cats shed the outer layer of their claws, keeping them healthy and sharp. Couches and other furniture provide a satisfying texture for cats to engage in this behavior.
  • Stretching: Cats often use scratching as a way to stretch their muscles, particularly after waking up from a nap. Couches, being large and stable, provide an ideal surface for cats to stretch and scratch simultaneously.
  • Stress Relief: Scratching is a natural behavior for cats and can serve as a stress-relieving activity. Cats may scratch the couch as a way to alleviate boredom, anxiety, or frustration.
  • Attention Seeking: In some cases, cats may scratch furniture to get their owner's attention. If they feel ignored or neglected, they may resort to destructive behaviors like scratching to gain attention.

To address this behavior, it's essential to provide cats with appropriate scratching alternatives, such as scratching pads, and to discourage them from scratching furniture by using deterrents or positive reinforcement techniques.

Additionally, regular nail trimming and providing environmental enrichment can help minimize the urge to scratch furniture.

Introducing WagScratchPad™ - your ultimate solution to pesky cat scratches!

Protect your furniture with this anti-scratch pad that also doubles as a fun climbing frame for your furball.

The WagScratchPad™ is an effective solution to protect your furniture from cat scratches. Its specially designed Anti-Cat Scratching Pad discourages cats from scratching and climbing on your furniture, saving your upholstery from damage. A must-have for cat owners looking to keep their home scratch-free.

    • Cat-Approved Scratch Surface: Premium sisal material for ultimate durability and unbeatable scratch resistance. Give your couch the protection it deserves, while offering your feline a tempting scratching haven.

    • Scratch Protection: Your solution for couch corner cat scratching. Designed for sofas with liftable cushions, this cat scratch protector turns your couch corner into a cat scratcher. No more worries with this anti cat scratch furniture protector.

    • Easy Cat Paradise Setup: This cat scratching pad is easy to install on sofa. Simply position the scratch mat, & secure it with velcro straps. An easy solution for cat scratching couch protection, cat scratch pads for couches, and all-around couch protector for cats.

    • Elegant Defense for Your Sofa: Stylish and versatile couch scratching post, the ultimate cat couch protector. The beautiful sisal texture provides a touch of elegance while acting as a cat corner scratcher and furniture protector from cats scratching.

    An anti-cat scratching pad serves several purposes in a household where cats reside. 


    Redirecting Scratching Behavior: Cats have a natural instinct to scratch to maintain their claws and mark their territory. An anti-cat scratching pad provides a designated area for cats to scratch, redirecting this behavior away from furniture, curtains, and carpets. This helps to preserve household items and prevents damage

    Protecting Furniture: By providing an appropriate scratching surface, such as a scratching pad, cats are less likely to scratch and damage furniture. This can save homeowners the cost of repairing or replacing scratched furniture pieces.

    Promoting Healthy Claws: Regular scratching helps cats shed the outer layer of their claws, keeping them healthy and sharp. An anti-cat scratching pad encourages cats to engage in this natural behavior, which is important for their physical well-being.

    Stress Relief: Scratching is not only a physical need for cats but also a way for them to relieve stress and anxiety. Having access to a scratching pad allows cats to release pent-up energy and tension, promoting their overall mental health and well-being.

    Marking Territory: Cats have scent glands in their paws, and scratching is a way for them to mark their territory with both visual and scent markers. An anti-cat scratching pad provides a suitable surface for cats to leave their mark, reducing the likelihood of them scratching other household items to assert their territory.

    Preventing Behavioral Issues: Inappropriate scratching behavior can sometimes lead to behavioral issues in cats, such as aggression or anxiety. Providing a scratching pad helps prevent such problems by giving cats an appropriate outlet for their scratching instincts.

    Encouraging Play: Many scratching pads come with interactive elements such as toys or catnip, which can encourage cats to engage in play. Play is essential for cats' physical and mental stimulation, and a scratching pad can serve as a multifunctional tool for playtime.

    In summary, WagScratchPad™ is an essential item in a household with cats. It serves to redirect scratching behavior, protect furniture, promote healthy claws, relieve stress, facilitate territory marking, prevent behavioral issues, and encourage play. Investing in a high-quality scratching pad can contribute to a harmonious coexistence between cats and their human companions.

    No more shredded couches, just happy kitties and a worry-free home!


    1. Please allow 1-3 cm difference due to manual measurement and 3-5 g for the difference between different colors.
    2. Due to the screen difference, the color may be a little difference from what you expect, please allow it.

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    Package Include:

    1 x Cat Scratch Pad

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Lindsay M.
    Couch Saver, Bigger than expected.

    Our cat is pretty awesome and most respects however she loves scratching on the sides of our new couch which is definitely a problem! We've tried everything from tape to cat spray which just makes the whole place smell like lemon and really hasn't worked all that well, and she always returns to it. When we saw these we thought this could be the perfect solution to a never ending problem! This is so mat came perfectly packaged and as much larger than I expected, which is great. I realize this panel would normally be used for the back of the couch but the size is perfect to tuck in between our couch cushion and the outside of the couch, and covers the full length, top to bottom of her favorite place to scratch at!! The sisal fabric portion covers about 3x2. She hasn't quite figured out that this is the same type of fabrics she scratches at on her cat post and actually hasn't dared scratch it since we put it on, which was totally unanticipated......but we are happy to say the least!!! If you have a cat scratching problem on your furniture, and have tried everything, and are at your wits end, I would highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend trying out this product! Seriously, what do you have to lose other than your mind and furniture!? Really glad we tried this out, couldn't have hoped for a better outcome!

    Works well

    Got one of these for a leather sofa and it worked so well I bought one for the other arm. No more cats ruining furniture!

    A.B Carter
    Works great, higly recommended if you have a destructive cat

    I was initially somewhat out of by the various separate parts. I have a similar product (on the other arm) that was a single piece, and therefore easier to figure out and install. This one took a little more time to determine and connect the parts correctly however there are a few features I really like. Primarily, there is a tie off on the bottom that connects to your couch leg. This really helped secure the guard and keep it in place. Also, the material seems to be a little thicker than on my other one.

    Kim Kim
    Strong and Sturdy

    Protects our sofa’s armrest from getting scratched by our cats.

    N.D. MIrsky
    Protects my couch!

    It took a few days for the cats to use it but it has done it’s job of protecting the couch.

    Saved My Couch

    This is THE BEST Winkflo purchase of my life. It has saved my couches and my sanity. I love them. I cats love them. A win-win

    Leslie Cruz

    This is saving my couch once I got that situated my cat scratches away.