WagSpray™ - Cat & Dog Scratch/Chew Deterrent (Natural & Safe)
WagSpray™ - Cat & Dog Scratch/Chew Deterrent (Natural & Safe)
WagSpray™ - Cat & Dog Scratch/Chew Deterrent (Natural & Safe)
WagSpray™ - Cat & Dog Scratch/Chew Deterrent (Natural & Safe)
WagSpray™ - Cat & Dog Scratch/Chew Deterrent (Natural & Safe)

WagSpray™ - Cat & Dog Scratch/Chew Deterrent (Natural & Safe)

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Paws Off! The Ultimate Magic in a Bottle.

Is your cat constantly jumping on the couch or getting into the trash?

Keep them away from those areas with this deterrent spray.

Train them to stay out of off-limits areas by spreading odors that cats hate. This is the most humane way and keeps your cat safe without volatile compounds.

 Say goodbye to destructive scratching and chewing with WagSpray™!

Our specially formulated deterrent spray helps protect your furniture, shoes, and other belongings from your furry friends’ unwanted behavior.

 Made from natural and safe ingredients, WagSpray™ is perfect for both cats and dogs, ensuring a harmonious home environment.


  • Natural Ingredients: Made with pet-safe, non-toxic ingredients such as water, citrus oils, and rosemary.

  • Safe for Pets: Free from harmful chemicals, ensuring the safety and well-being of your pets.
  • Easy to Use: Convenient spray bottle allows for quick and easy application on any surface.
  • Effective: Deters pets from scratching and chewing on furniture, carpets, shoes, and more.
  • Pleasant Scent: Leaves a light, fresh citrus scent that is pleasant for humans but unappealing to pets.


  • Protects Belongings: Prevents damage to your furniture, shoes, and other household items.
  • Promotes Good Behavior: Helps train your pets to avoid destructive habits.

  • Safe and Natural: Peace of mind knowing you’re using a product that is safe for your pets and the environment.
  • Convenient: Easy-to-use spray can be applied to any surface quickly and effectively.
  • Versatile: Suitable for both cats and dogs, making it a one-stop solution for multi-pet households.


  1. Preparation: Shake the bottle well before use.
  2. Application: Spray a light mist of WagSpray™ on the areas you want to protect. Avoid soaking the surface.
  3. Frequency: Apply daily or as needed until your pet’s behavior improves.
  4. Training: Combine with positive reinforcement training to help your pets learn which areas are off-limits.


Size: 3.2*11.5cm/1.26*4.5in
Packaging: Boxed
Packing size: 3.5*3.5*13.8cm/1.37*1.37*5.4in
Capacity: 50ml

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews

I like everything about this product. She calmed down within two seconds after spraying. My kitten is five months old and was found in a trap, so she was very skittish. I use the word "was" because she is so much calmer now. She became my fur baby one week ago.

Shanna Vuletic
Great for thunderstorms

This works to help calm my dog down during thunderstorms. We use this on her collar and her pet bed. We also use dog calming music and the combination seems to help a bit. It also has a nice lavender scent.

Helps with loud noises

With 4th of July coming up and two pups who jump at all noise we decided to try the spray! It’s not a miracle cure but it certainly calms them down enough to get through the firecracker noises we are already hearing. The 4th should be much easier on them this year.

Denise J Michaels
It works!!!!

I was so worried about my cat, Cullen's, reaction to his 1st cross country flight and being enclosed in a carrier most of the day. Did so much research! Sprayed this on the harness he will wear, waited about 45 minutes then put it on. Within about 15 minutes my grumpy, independent baby was not only sleepy, but so loving! He laid on me for hours, purring and talking softly to me. I am not worried about our travel day anymore! This product is amazing! Thank you! 💜💜💜

Works well

I find it just as effective as Feliway.I work from home and every morning my cats have to have some type of loud brawl as soon as I get on a call. This is a great correction tool because you can just spray it around (not at, it is an eye irritant) them and they not only stop fighting faster but they’re chill for a longer time.

Road Trip Assistance

Used this for my long move from Texas to Tennessee. I have two cats and a German shepherd. The cats were instantly calmed and my dog took a little bit but also relaxed. We drove 13 hours with very brief stops. Definitely helpful.

It works.

Product does what it advertises. Worth the money.