WagVest™ - Reflective Pet Harness (Adjustable & Breathable) + FREE Leash!
WagVest™ - Reflective Pet Harness (Adjustable & Breathable) + FREE Leash!
WagVest™ - Reflective Pet Harness (Adjustable & Breathable) + FREE Leash!
WagVest™ - Reflective Pet Harness (Adjustable & Breathable) + FREE Leash!
WagVest™ - Reflective Pet Harness (Adjustable & Breathable) + FREE Leash!
WagVest™ - Reflective Pet Harness (Adjustable & Breathable) + FREE Leash!
WagVest™ - Reflective Pet Harness (Adjustable & Breathable) + FREE Leash!
WagVest™ - Reflective Pet Harness (Adjustable & Breathable) + FREE Leash!
WagVest™ - Reflective Pet Harness (Adjustable & Breathable) + FREE Leash!
WagVest™ - Reflective Pet Harness (Adjustable & Breathable) + FREE Leash!
WagVest™ - Reflective Pet Harness (Adjustable & Breathable) + FREE Leash!

WagVest™ - Reflective Pet Harness (Adjustable & Breathable) + FREE Leash!

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 Feel Safe On Everyday Adventures


Cats Love the Outdoors!

Let them enjoy it SAFELY ❤️

Many accidents happen on walks...

Cats are just like us, need to explore the world, curious about nature. But without proper precaution/care, a nice walk could turn deadly fast.

Using WagVest™ to let your pets explore the outdoors or training them to go on walks can be two safe ways to let your pet enjoy nature without the fear that they'll run away or get lost.

Introducing the WagVest™

The WagVest™ is built for those cats and cat owners who love the outdoors!

This harness effectively prevents cats from escaping.


  • Adjustable at the back to fit all sizes. Not only does this alleviate any pressure on the neck, but it also makes it easier to pull pets out of harm’s way if they get into trouble.

  • Made with soft breathable nylon mesh for the best comfort for your fur babies. Great mesh material for breathing, which provides super comfortable and enjoyable feelings for your pet.

  • Easy to wear, anti-breakaway design.

  • Multiple sizes: Fits all cats and even smaller-sized dogs.

  • No Pulling/Choking Design: The harness will make your pet safe and comfortable.

  • Purfect for walking, running, playing, or hiking.

  • WagVest™ allows you to walk your pet at night without any worry of losing them in the dark. 


Package Includes:

1* WagVest™ + 1* FREE Adjustable Nylon Leash


Is this harness waterproof/water resistant?

- Unfortunately, no. But you can hang it dried overnight.

How do you clean the harness?

- You can hand wash or use a wet rug to wipe.

Does it dry quickly?

- It's mostly nylon, so yes. Except for latch straps. Dries pretty quick.

Is it machine-washable?

- Yes, you can put it in a garment bag to wash it.

Is this an over-the-head harness or do pets need to step into it?

You slip the harness over the dog’s/cat's head, then there is a strap/buckle that goes around the torso and snaps in place. The neck is adjustable, but only to the maximum stated in the description. If the neck is a little thinner then it can be taken in a bit.


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BEWARE of Imitation Devices*
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UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention and COVID-19, we're running extremely low on these, and delivery times might take 5-15 daysso hurry and Buy Now before it's all gone.  

*If you are not satisfied with your product, contact us and we will refund you*

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Stephanie Nicholas

We travel with out cat and needed a harness she could not slip out of. We had a harness we loved from another company, but when she grew out of it, they didn't have a larger size to move into. So, we looked for a different company with a harness designed like the previous one we loved. We decided on this one and have been very happy that we did! The cat STEPS INTO this harness, which is a major, major plus for out cat and us! It is EASY to put on, the velcro is large and strong, and the sturdy plastic hook on the back surely makes this harness escape-proof? At least it is for our cat, and she slipped out of lots of harnesses before this one and the previous one we had. I feel very secure having her travel with us or go outside on a run with this harness on. The double hooks on the back are difficult to use with a leash with a small hook, but undoubtedly help to make the harness even MORE secure.
VERY happy with our purchase and have ordered a second harness in black so she can go outside and get dirty! HA!

Adrienne Ferguson
cat needs to get used to it

The item shipped quickly and was exactly as described. The size is good (not too tight or loose) and is nicely padded. The cat does not like wearing it. It is just like when I try to put a sweater on my cat. Hopefully she will get used to it because she likes to go outside and this way it will keep her contained and out of our neighbor's yard.

M. Rodgers
Soft, Pliable and Secure

This harness set is perfect for a mid-size kitty and provides stability, security, and comfort.

Gail Goelz
“She likes it”

Nice little harness, my kitty is 6mths old and a runt. I trained her with a sock to get her used to have something like a vest (cut out the tie w/cuts for front legs) so she didn’t fight it but she could escape if she really wanted to (personally I don’t know that there is a harness that if they’re really determined they can’t back out of). This one allows her a nice range of motion, I’m not sure how long the little belly strap is going to go around her but I can always sew an extension on there so no biggie great little harness👍

Mel SC.
Great safe option for walking your pet.

We purchased this for our indoor cat that used to spend afternoons outdoors. We decided after some coyotes were sighted in the neighborhood that he would be indoors only. He missed the outdoors so much that we figured a harness and leash for walks could quell his outdoor cravings (when I say cravings I actually mean full blown crazed madness to the point of darting for the door and smacking right into the steel security door). This harness did just the trick. I will say first measure because if you get it too big the cat or dog can and will slip out by backing out of the harness. Second allow your pet to cruise around the house in just the harness. After they realize they can walk in it around the house then clip the leash and allow more cruising around indoors. Once they are comfortable outdoors you go. We now have 2 harnesses one for each cat and yes it took some time getting used to this. Our cats in the long run enjoy the time walking and we feel safer with this option of walking them.

Anette P.
Will buy again

I bought these so our kittens can go out on the balcony without being able to slip through the vertical gaps onto the outside ledge. We still need to supervise them and they don’t love wearing them. They are still getting used to them bit by bit, but it does slow them down that’s for sure.

Stephen *****
Great harness

Got this in a small for my 10 pound Yorkie and love it! It is sturdy, adjustable, and comfy for my pup dog. I find this to be competitively priced for what I got. I got it in blue, love that it’s reflective, great for evening walks. Highly recommended.