Winkflo™ - 16 In 1 Drinking Water Test Kit Strips (FDA Approved)
Winkflo™ - 16 In 1 Drinking Water Test Kit Strips (FDA Approved)
Winkflo™ - 16 In 1 Drinking Water Test Kit Strips (FDA Approved)
Winkflo™ - 16 In 1 Drinking Water Test Kit Strips (FDA Approved)
Winkflo™ - 16 In 1 Drinking Water Test Kit Strips (FDA Approved)
Winkflo™ - 16 In 1 Drinking Water Test Kit Strips (FDA Approved)
Winkflo™ - 16 In 1 Drinking Water Test Kit Strips (FDA Approved)

Winkflo™ - 16 In 1 Drinking Water Test Kit Strips (FDA Approved)

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Find Out What's Really In Your Drinking Water At The Comfort Of Your Home.

Are you concerned with your water quality?

Does the water quality meet standards around your home?

Well, tap, and city water all carry the risk of containing harmful contaminants. Some of these contaminants can have irreversible side effects such as kidney failure and reproductive problems. 

Your water should be tested frequently to make sure these harmful contaminants are not present

All you need is Winkflo™, which helps you to remove all those concerns. 

No need to spend a lot of money on expensive drinking water test kits or pool water tests.

With our home water test, you can test your drinking water, tap water, well water, groundwater, pool water, hot tub, and spa.



Winkflo™  water test strips are equipped with 16 major functions, including PH, Mercury, Lead, Iron, Copper, Total Alkalinity, Hardness, Nitrite, Nitrate, Bromine, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Fluoride, Chromium/Cr, Carbonate Root, Cyanuric acid, helps you to have a clear mind of how clear and healthy your water is.


Winkflo™ is sweet enough to equip with a dropper & test tube, which would avoid water pollution and make a convenient operation.


Winkflo™ 16 in 1 water test strips can be applied to a wide range of water inspection, like drinking water, pool, hot tub, spa, pond, aquarium, industrial wastewater, etc.


Winkflo™  specializes in testing & measuring areas for years and adopts the most reliable strips on our products to assure the accuracy of testing water quality.


Winkflo™  water testing kits for drinking water is absolutely economic, it will save you thousands of Dollar from sending your water to a lab to be tested. It’s also time-saving due to convenient operation. Strips will expire 3 months after opening.


Fast and Easy Steps for Testing

  1. Collect water samples in the plastic tube (Not Included).
  2. Immerse the test strip in the desired water sample and remove within 1-2 seconds.
  3. Hold the strip horizontally and gently tap or shake to remove excess water
  4. Read the test results carefully within 60 seconds in a good light and with the test area held near the color chart on the bottle label. They are perfect for testing drinking water, pools & hot tubs, spas, freshwater, spring water, hydroponics, aquariums, aquaculture, science experiments and more. The results are fast, most within minutes, and very easy to read by following along with our color charts and instruction manual.

Sample Parameters

water test strips

Package Contents:

16 in-1 Water Test Strips (50 Strips)
16 in-1 Water Test Strips (100 Strips)

*If you are not satisfied with your product, contact us and we will refund you*

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Zia G
Testing our tap water

Easy to read the results....Instructions are clear. The chart is right on the package so you can't misplace it.



Mike Rodgerson
Check the expiration date when you first receive them.

I liked that it does several tests at a time, it’s easy to use. I use them for my drinking water. What I disliked is that they may expire before I’ll use them all.

Alvaro Sepulveda Tolosa
Get the job done

My daughter used the strips for a science project. It seemed to do the job.

S. Su
Knowledge is relief

Great product. Had to test our water at our house and everything was showing within tolerance. Keeps me feeling secure about what goes into my body.

Joey J
accurate and easy to use test strips

Here is the perfect test. I just got some of my neighbors unfiltered water for this and my ultra, ultra filtered water to compare the 2 sources. This will be interesting as we both get our water from the same source. I have chlorine filters, 3 stage drinking water filters, and a salt water softener and sediment filters.The results are that my chlorine filters are working correctly and my fluoride filter does NOT work. Shame on you, Waterdrop! Now I have to change the filters to another company.....I have always wondered about my water quality and have been left to believe what the filter manufacturers want me to believe. NO MORE! I am glad I got this kit and there are about 50 test strips inside. This is easy to use and the instructions are clearly written in English. Thank you!

David Trindle
Economical, easy to use, accurate

These test strips agree closely with professional testing. They are economical and easy to use.I wouldn’t rely on them completely, just as a period check if anything has changed. If i got a positive reading for heavy metals or any toxins, I would follow it up with professional testing.